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How To Skip Adf.ly! Works on any kind of devices! (Android/iOS/PC)

Annoyed of Adf.ly and always want to skip it? You came to the right video! In this video i’m going to show you an extensions to chrome, mozzila, kiwi, or any other app that can skip adf.ly without you waiting and keep on clicking!

Universal Bypass : universal-bypass.org

1. Download Kiwi Browser if you’re android user or any kind of browser that can use extensions. If you use pc you can use chrome/mozzila.
2. Go open your chrome/mozzila/kiwi browser or any kind of browsers and type in “universal-bypass.org”.
3. Download the extensions.
4. After the extensions downloaded, go to the search bar again and type in “kiwi://extensions (Kiwi user), chrome://extensions (Chrome user), mozzila://extensions (Mozzila user). Just open the extensions link on the browser you using.
5. Turn On “Developer Mode”.
6. Click on “Load”.
7. Click on the zip files you just downloaded.
8. It should redirect you to the official website. In this website you can settings and mess with the extensions, but i suggest you not to do it.
9. Just go to the adf.ly link and try the extensions!

That’s all the steps! Very easy! If you got question feel free to comment on the video! If you guys think the video helps, please like the video and maybe share it to your friends that want to skip adf.ly! Consider subscribing too? I’ll appreciate it and that’d how you support a very small youtuber like me! Okay that’s all thankyou for watching!

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  1. Bro can you help me? Why is my beatmap not giving songs bro

  2. Does this work with mi browser

  3. Bruh you went that far to do that?

  4. What is the browser name? •_•

  5. Cool bro , is works ! Thanks very much

  6. It worked for half a second then it redirected me for zippy share

  7. Does it agree on adfly Conditions what i mean is that will it give me virus by accepting everything adfly asks me to accept cuz adfly gives you viruses

  8. It worked! You're a legend!

  9. I pressed something else since i coudnt find the load button and it worked, your a legend thx:)

  10. what could i use if im on an iphone?

  11. When ever i write ' kiwi://extensions' it takes me somewhere else can u help me with it

  12. Oh bro i was also downloading mods 🤣🤣

  13. Thanks After A Year It Still Works.

  14. Works great! Thank you so much

  15. I am lost at the downloading universal bypass

  16. Thank you for the help! New sub! 😁

  17. Thx so much now I can download actual gun 3D 🙂

  18. Dude this ain't Working, Keep saying that the mediafire link wasnt found

  19. It works. Thanks. I am so happy.

  20. 10/10 trick my life is way easy now this is legit

  21. Thanks man I tried the universal bypass on chrome before but it didn't work coz if supposed to be in desktop device, thank you again

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