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How to Repair a Broken Carbon Fibre (Fiber) Fishing Pole or Rod

Buy online from http://www.easycomposites.co.uk/Products/carbon-fibre-fishing-rod-pole-repair-kit.aspx
Practical how-to instructional tutorial from Carbon Mods showing how you can repair a broken, fractured or damaged carbon fiber fishing pole or rod using carbon fibre and epoxy resin using our Fishing Pole Repair Kit.


  1. Where can I order this fishing rod repair kit from

  2. Could this be used on any type of Carbon product? I’ve got a compound bow that I need to try and fix.

  3. Rod/reel combo with fishing kit as an emergency setup https://www.youtube.com/post/UgkxntWMOZsO1Zfv-pdn_XuffEtNkTYAYu4Z recommend but started to use this every day. The rod is thick and seems durable. I keep it neatly tucked into a regular backpack all the time with my fishing gear, and can grab it anytime, put it on my back and go anywhere. I just read in another review that the rod length below the reel is adjustable as well, so I will try that too for even more portability. Probably the best setup I've ever owned. I lost the cap for the eyelets, but no big deal since I still have the black cloth sheath that came for the pole and I use that. Very portable and high quality.

  4. Nice rods – appear to be well made

  5. gawd don't you use some sort of face mask when sanding that down?

  6. Thank you. How to repair badminton racquet frame please

  7. Hi is it possible to put a thread into carbon tube

  8. Anyway to get this in the US? The shipping seemed a bit prohibitive. Thx

  9. Can You tell me what the carbon sheet used in the video is called please I’ve looked on the website and there are various options. I need a fabric that doesn’t easily fray so I can do a 2 inch wrap on several fishing pole sections that can be 7mm drilled and a small bung inserted

  10. What spray can you use to build up the male joints on a pole

  11. Great video… some naïve questions please – try not to laugh!

    For pole puller wraps ONLY – there's a few DIYers on youtube that are clearly not as good at delivering a neat job like you, especially with fraying issues…

    (1) Would it be easier for DIYers to use the edged 50mm tapes to avoid cutting/fraying issues? If so, would you use your plain weave or unidirectional tape?

    (2) Could your 'braided tube/sleeve' product be cut to length and slid down the tube with any success or would the frayed ends be worse to combat?

    (3) Is it possible to 'mask' either side of the wrap to avoid the resin overspill for a neater finish?

    (4) Would it be successful to use your pre-made 1mm thick tubes that you sell, cut them to 50mm, sand a chamfer, slide them down the pole and bond them in place? I imagine that the 0.1mm pole taper would be lost in the bonding glue/resin? What bonding agent would you use? Note: there is a similar 'tube' concept used by 'vespe'. It looks like a piece of plastic conduit!

  12. Can this same process be successfully applied on one piece hollow core carbon fiber hockey stick shaft and or stick blade repair ?

  13. Any idea when the kits will be back in stock please

  14. you definitely need to insert the insert and only then do the stick. because sticking a stick like this and connecting it with some rags is really nonsense. remember you need an insert to connect the two sides. young you will learn I hope

  15. will this work on a graphite reel foot on my reel?

  16. Would this work to rebuild worn Male rod spigot

  17. could you use this on a standard 13ft match rod crack in the middle section? would this create a flat spot?

  18. @carbonmods Can the High Temp. repair kit be used to patch up small microscopic holes on the inside of a carbon rim to prevent air leaks?? Thank you…

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