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iPhone 12 Anti Repair Design – Teardown and Repair Assessment

Apple says they are aiming for zero climate impact by 2030.
So to me that says a device should be able to be repaired when the time comes to, preventing it from becoming e-waste. But is that true?
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  1. I went to a Walmart today and they were stealing this video

  2. When buying and using the devices users must agree their terms and conditions EULA etc. But companies don't listen to costumers, charge 100s of money for 1 doller repair. They only want money, thats it! I hate people fall for apple crap and still buying with hard earned money.

  3. This video has convinced me to never buy another Apple product.

  4. Being in Africa and not having an  store suck asf and  doesn’t give a shit

  5. Don't ever buy Apple. You are buying into a company that demands a complete monopoly on all the hardware and software in your life, you have no freedom, you pay premium and you get bent over being dependent on them completely for repairs and the safety of your files.

  6. Great video, whats the brand / model of the stand for the iPhone ? Thanks

  7. I’m from the Future, it gets worse

  8. just did a frame swap on this phone… i wanted to throw it through a window

  9. APPLE SHOULD BE ASHAMED. You just prove that Apple is entrapping their customers.

  10. apple is complete utter garbage. this is the whole reason Im sticking with android thankyou for this enlightenment.

  11. Anytime I hear a big organization say "We're for the environment" I believe the opposite. Where I work they go on about how important recycling is etc. yet they'll literally throw 30 iPads away at a time cause they don't want them anymore, not because something's wrong with them. Straight into the trash. I have to wonder just how "green" Apple really is if they'd rather you just get a new phone instead of bothering to fix them, or let the actual owner fix them.

  12. Might be wrong but the camera being unreplacable I think is to do with FaceID and security. Like maybe it’s possible to get into a stolen phone by changing the camera or something. Similar to how the TouchID stopped working if you changed the home button

  13. going by the title of this video, apple is not allowed to kill 3rd party repair shops. According to the Magnus law we are entitled to repair it ourselfs or take it to a 3rd party and Apple has to make available at reasonable prices parts and tools to do this.

  14. Trust me you dont need to replace the screen and battery for 3years from the purchase date.
    By the time you would likely to get a new phone which make this repair and recycle irrelevant. Off course apple knows makrtet so it wants share from refurbished market and that make them question why to give portion to 3rd party while you have all the tools and man power in house . ?? right ?
    and this company is also owned by elite so like food chain industry we as. consumer we just have the illusion of choice

  15. This has definitely made me decide to jump to another brand.

  16. Why does anyone buy these things?

  17. I'm glad times are changing. Not only did regulators in the EU make USB-C mandatory for phone chargers, but they also mandated that all phone manufacturers have removable batteries in their devices. This means that Apple will quite literally be forced to stop their anti-consumer practices unless they want to stop operating in Europe.

  18. There is actually a good reason for why they changed the lighting cable. It’s to make devices more compatible with MacBooks. Stop hating on Apple. Stop assuming. Dislike Deserved. 😡😡😡

  19. Companies like Apple who claim to be "green", and yet make products that ultimately have to be replaced, do at best appear schizophrenic. Even a tad bit….dare I say… hypocritical ?

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