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Welcome to Chanel Mall, we solemnly promise that this platform will always be open!
Mission update: Updated at 00:00 French time.
Registration link: https://chanel-mall.cc/?F123985
Official Telegram: https://t.me/Chanel_Mall_888
Official channel: https://t.me/ChanelMall8
Register for free: 56USDT
Deposit method: USDT or TRX supported
The minimum deposit amount is “12USDT” and the minimum withdrawal amount is “2.5USDT”. (0 handling fee for each withdrawal)
Chanel’s service mission is. Integrity, legality, safety and long-term.
Chanel’s business philosophy is to increase visibility and provide a convenient service platform.
You can benefit from this program in four ways:
(1) Activate the membership level, complete tasks to receive benefits, and the minimum recharge is 12 USDT.
(2) Invite subordinates to enjoy the benefits of the third-level team.
(3) Rewards can be obtained by inviting the accumulated recharge amount.
(4) Share your registration link on your promotion channel every day to get rewards.
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Chanel benefits: Different VIP levels have different benefits. You can get income on the day of investment and repay the principal upon maturity!
VIP1 investment amount: 12 USDT, daily income: 2.5 USDT
VIP2 investment amount: 59 USDT, daily income: 12 USDT
VIP3 investment amount: 159 USDT, daily income: 32 USDT
VIP4 investment amount: 399 USDT, daily income: 80 USDT
VIP5 investment amount: 999 USDT, daily income: 200 USDT
VIP6 investment amount: 2599 USDT, daily income: 578 USDT
VIP7 investment amount: 5199 USDT, daily income: 1155 USDT
VIP8 investment amount: 8999 USDT, daily income: 2250 USDT
VIP9 investment amount: 15999 USDT, daily income: 4572 USDT
VIP10 investment amount: 29999 USDT, daily income: 9999 USDT
================================================== =
Use the invitation code to register and enjoy high discounts for third-level subordinates.
A-level subordinates: 13% cashback, recharge 1000USDT to get 130USDT
B-level subordinates: 3% cashback, recharge 1000USDT to get 30USDT
C-level subordinates: 1% cash back, recharge 1000USDT to get 10USDT
================================================== =
Team recharge reward policy for 24-hour team invitation every day
The team recharges 500 USDT within 24 hours and gets 30 USDT reward
The team recharges 1,000 USDT within 24 hours and receives a reward of 70 USDT
The team recharges 2,000 USDT within 24 hours and receives a 200 USDT reward
The team recharged 8,000 USDT within 24 hours and received a reward of 500 USDT.
The team recharged 20,000 USDT within 24 hours and received a reward of 3,000 USDT.
The team deposits 50,000 USDT within 24 hours and gets 8,000 USDT as reward
The team recharged 100,000 USDT within 24 hours and received a reward of 20,000 USDT.
Note: If you qualify, please contact customer support within 24 hours to claim your reward. After the expiration date, it will be deemed invalid.
================================================== = =======================
1. Bonuses can be withdrawn immediately without restrictions. You will receive more commission rewards, and the commissions collected from recommended users will be directly deposited into your membership account and can be withdrawn directly.
2. Tell your team that the platform registration invitation link can be promoted on any social software, as follows: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, KAO KAO, WhatsApp group, Tele: 13% cash back, recharge 1000USDT to get 70USDT


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