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How To Repair A Damaged Electrical Cord Safely

Do you have a damaged electrical cord? Do you have an appliance or lawn tool that does not work anymore because it’s electrical cord is damaged? In this video I show how easy it is to safely repair a damaged electrical cord, whether it was damaged by yard tools, a saw, or just being careless. A broken electrical cord is dangerous to use, but very easy to repair! I’ll show you how to repair an extension cord the right way, with easy step-by-step instructions for every step that are simple to follow. So don’t throw out that broken electrical cord – repair it yourself!

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  1. You can use this same technique to repair power cords to home appliances, power tools, etc.

  2. Will it work without the solder??

  3. Way too complicated. Just use a ton of electrical tape and get it done in half the time without tools. Safety 3rd

  4. Pro Tip: Slice the outer cord 3in in line instead of removing it to expose the wires, just fold it back out of the way. You can then cover the repaired wires with it and not have that bumpy lumpy repair and get extra insulation to boot.

  5. Make sure your rolls of heatshrink are quite long. Or this ain't gonna work out for you. Also, you really want another, thick piece of rubber tubing to go over that heat shrink. Heat shrink ain't near as tough as that original shielding.

  6. just cut my chord with the same culprit 🙁

  7. Very good solder technique. Stager them so less bulge, and less chance for another short. If an old cut trim back to good, shinny wire or use flux.

  8. I literally just fixed my cord for my sewing machine because of your video ❤️ Surprised myself with what I can do 😁

  9. Thanks. Would it be a bad idea to cheap out and use electrical tape instead of heat shrinks?

  10. I also hacked my extension cord while hedge trimming. I was going to use butt plugs and electrical tape. The “expert” at ACE recommended it that way. Saw your video, followed your steps and learned how to solder all in one. Thanks again, saved me some $$$&

  11. Electrical tape tends to break down and get brittle with age , if you're in a hurry it's a quick fix until you can do better , stager the connections slightly so the solder doesn't rub each other

  12. Just did the same dam thing! hedge trimmers suck. thanks for the video.

  13. If the damage is only a few feet from the receptacle, throw that part away and put a replacement receptacle on it. Safer, easier. The repair made is not water proof. Make sure it never lays in water.

  14. I'm glad I'm not the only one that has done that!

  15. What about those of us who repair a cut cord about once a decade. Always covered with electrical tape per instruction from my Pop.
    Why isn’t electrical tape holding and covering the splice job sufficient?

  16. If you want to be really cool and avoid the Python swallowing a rabbit bulge, cut the inner wires to unequal lengths, so that they are not all connected at the same place.

  17. After being here. I here nothing but bad frim hedge trimmers. I think they should be outlawed. Lol!!

  18. That's why I am here. 3 ext cords with hedge trimmers. In all my years chasing cords. I think is the most dangerous tool. I'm always dragging edges, weed eater, circular saws around. This thing got 3 of my cords.

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