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How To Repair Your Skin Barrier! | Dr. Shereene Idriss

Skin barrier health is a term that gets thrown around a lot these days, but what does that REALLY mean? What causes a damaged skin barrier and how do we work to repair it? Let’s get into skinnnnn!

0:00 intro
0:25 importance of your skin
1:58 layers of your skin
3:29 signs of a broken skin barrier
5:16 causes of a broken skin barrier
8:50 skincare routine to repair
12:46 occlusives & humectants
16:00 body care
16:40 hand care
17:40 lifestyle changes

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  1. Toddlers can be a lot of work, I agree with you! There will come a day when they will be grown and you will HOPE, HOPE, HOPE to see/hear from them soon!! I know, as I am Aunt to 1 niece and 3 nephews, ages 30 to 40!

  2. Is petroleum jelly toxic / carcinogen?

  3. You will not become a wart! 😂

  4. Hi
    @pillowtalkderm can you comment on the Skinceuticles Triple Cream mentioned in the video. There are lots of reviewers talking about allergic reactions as there are lavender oil and similar allergic-prone ingredients in it. So it turns out is not suitable for a sensitive skin? If the concern is to address the barrier and redness this one is causing redness?

  5. I wish I could go to her clinic and have her personally treat my skin 🥲

  6. I swear by aveeno when the skin feels sore and sensitive. Aveeno lotion is the best for that – it also calms my daughters excema as it has oatmeal in it x

  7. Im a year or l Ionger behind but Dr.'s humor is exceptionally highlighted in this vid. Lovem all but as I binge and learn this opener cracked me up the most (so far). Hilarious but full of facts.

  8. I'm in a humid salt air environment, beachside to be specific: does salt air make a difference when choosing products to repair the skin barrier? Thank you.

  9. Also, what do you think of the Origins Checks and Balances Foaming cleanser? I’m kinda torn on it. As someone with oily skin, it seems great because it can really remove a lot of oil and excess residue from products, but it’s just so strong that I can only do use it once or twice a week.

  10. There are just some products that just instantly cause me allergic reactions. Sunday Riley’s gel moisturizer gave me an allergic reaction that looked like a burn after just one or two uses. The most recent one I had a reaction to was Kiehl’s Super Corrective Soft Cream. I got a rash and itchiness all over my face. You just never know these days when products can have 100+ ingredients. But I’m usually ok with active ingredients and retinoids. So I wouldn’t say I’m sensitive, necessarily; but I I am allergic to some specific stuff.

  11. I love her humor! All I could think about was that Conan O'Brien skit about going to the Korean span when she was talking about "losing your skin."

  12. This video made me concentrate on the layering of pizza and thought about what extra topping I would like to add, and then I realized I was hungry. I’m serious and not joking

  13. What are your thoughts on castor oil?

  14. You are wonderful ❤ This video was exactly what I needed!

  15. This is the most engaging skincare video ever

  16. Do not use Occlusives if the broken skin barrier is because of Perioral Dermatitis.

  17. How about skin fix moisturizer?

  18. I shaved my face 2/3 times and since then i am facing issues

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