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How To Repair DEEP SCRATCH in Car Paint/RAZOR (DIY)

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The video is intended for both professionals and amateurs.
The video shows how to get rid of deep scratches without changing the part, paint, etc.
With a little care, you can do this at home for very little money.
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Your AMD detailing

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  1. What do you think about those line painters? It seems less messy. You are a professional I thank you.

  2. Good results on Black…how about silver?

  3. Don't you think,you should tell the last step after the sandpaper

  4. Great technique. I wonder if taping on both the sides of the deep crack, forming a very narrow visible surface and then doing this technique, will avoid the excess paint on the body and limit the work area?

  5. Really do you have to have all that useless blasting music

  6. Hello boss, what is the name of the apparatus you use to remove excess paint?

  7. Only works on very dark paint or solid colours, light metallics would be a waste of time.

  8. Terrible 🎵🎶! .video ok!! Terrible music!!!

  9. Mine wasn't successful,………. Apparently I didn't use the proper background music 🎵🎶

  10. Hello sir my name Amine from Morocco my job is repairer bodywork so please can you show me this process to color white ?

  11. How that work🙃 if you cut clear coat around?

  12. You were using a RAZOR BLADE….A “Razor” is an instrument that holds a razor blade.

  13. Can this be done on metallic paint? Ive Nightfall Grey Metallic (contains flakes). Thanks

  14. What about metallic paints?

  15. good vieo,… TERRIBLE Music spoilt it !

  16. What is this fubber tool you use? I am not familiar.

  17. this is fking crazy, man

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