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How to Install a Rain Garden in 10 Easy Steps

Learn how to install your own rain garden in ten easy steps with Melinda Myers. From installation to maintenance, this video will show you all the necessary actions to make your rain garden beautiful and helpful to the environment. Rain gardens collect and absorb rain and melting snow into the ground rather than into your basement and help keep pollutants out of our local waterways.

Learn more about the benefits of rain gardens: https://www.mmsd.com/what-we-do/green-infrastructure/rain-gardens

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  1. Is it necessary to connect the downspout? A section of my yard floods and I thought it would be nice to add a rain garden to make it more beautiful. Its just grass and dirt right now.

  2. Great information and advice! Thanks!

  3. Call before you dig only marks from the street to your fence. You have to pay a private company to mark on your property.

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