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How To Repair A Dresser | We Shouldn't Have Bought This

We shouldn’t have bought this dresser as it needed a lot of repair. Follow along as we show you how to fix the issues.
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  1. Help! I am currently working on a dresser similar to this, but big.. I see yours has the wooden slides on the sides, that's how mine are. How do I repair those without having to replace the whole piece? More than half is worn away, theki⁸ with almostlvis totally exposed and then the second to the bottom drawer which is quite large and heavy, it rests on the bottom drawer. I wanted to decoupage and the front of the drawers but I knew they would pull that off if I wasn't able to fix it properly. Can I somehow feel in that missing would without having to replace the entire piece? I have to replace the whole thing I don't know where I could purchase that and I don't have the saws to cut anything.. FYI mine also has a TON of wormholes on the top.. I wish I would have known that I would have just bought a new piece of wood to replace the whole top. And also since I'm asking you so much and wondering about the original wooden Wheels what I can do to fine-tune knows a little bit to keep them from falling off??

  2. Just rewatching some oldies, I love this , it’s amazing , I enjoy watching your furniture repairs and decor, in the uk we all had that wallpaper on ALL walls in the 70s , we hated it , but the way you have used it is brilliant.
    Much love and thank you

  3. Nice use of bondo. Why didn't you use a flush cut router bit to get the serpentine perfect instead of sanding?

  4. Wow! The transformation is incredible. The wallpaper looks exactly like ceiling tin.

  5. Dear Jeb, Bondo isn't available in Italy, at least not on Amazon. Can you recommend something else that would work? Thank so much. Love you guys. If you ever want to come to Italy please let me know. I live a half hour from Florence. Just don't come in the summer. 🌞🥴

  6. Oooh! I have a dresser recovered from the trash kind of like that. This video is exactly what I need.

  7. Love the wall paper on the sides but Hate the yellow glass knobs as it makes the knobs look dirty against the white dresser

  8. You guys are brilliant! LOVE THIS!

  9. You got ripped off, that dresser should have been free. My home is full of antiques. Distressed is ugly. It's either new or old. Old does not mean Distressed.

  10. Where do you sell your pieces?

  11. Why did you fix the worm hole?

  12. Even though u did not swipe through all the photos, u would have noticed all the damage when u saw the piece in person when picking up. So why did u still buy it!!?? No one had a gun to ur head…

  13. This looks amazing! Did you finish this piece all in one night?

  14. I have this same chest but mine came with the original hourglass mirror. We turned it into our main bathrooms vanity with vessel sink on top. Your tips were exactly what I needed to repair mine. Thank you!

  15. I think it looked better just white.

  16. That piece looks like an old oak antique from the 1870s. You saved it beautifully!

  17. Zen should offer construction classes!

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