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No VIEWS On Your TikTok Videos? Here’s How To Fix That

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In today’s TikTalk, we learn how to grow TikTok videos FAST using TikTok video view hacks. Many users deal with low video engagement and watch time on our TikTok content, so that’s why we’re breaking down how to skyrocket TikTok views and likes and grow fans and TikTok followers fast and efficiently.

In this video tutorial, I teach you the 2 separate growth tiktok hacks 2020 with the goal of helping you get more tiktok views organically 2020 and impact that to 100k followers on tiktok 2020 FAST.

If you want to know how to gain tiktok followers organically, how to gain Tik Tok followers, or how to get 1 million followers on tiktok in 2020 and beyond, with the 2020 tiktok algorithm in mind to positively surge your tiktok growth, then this video is the perfect tutorial for you!

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0:40 The Common Problem Users Face
1:40 What This TikTalk Will Cover
2:50 Relatable Content (Three R’s 1/3)
3:05 Recreation Content (Three R’s 2/3)
4:08 Reaction Content (Three R’s 3/3)
4:54 Live Content On The FYP
9:43 Video Hook
10:00 Good Watch Time (w/Examples)
10:28 Scroll-By Is Not A View (Experiment)
11:35 Your Video Timeline (First 3 Seconds)
12:20 My Content Example Of A ‘Video Hook’

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  1. Thanks fellow creators for your constant support! I really did attempt to keep the video as short as possible (I subtracted roughly 11 minutes of content). 😆 Let me know down below what other aspects of TikTok I should cover. Also, join my Brand Royals Facebook group (it’s an incredible community): https://www.facebook.com/groups/brandroyals/

  2. I want to delete my uploaded TikTok video, if i will first private them then i will delete… then will it be safe?

  3. Super helpful video, been wondering how to catch attention in the first few seconds. boost app social has been a great help in creating captivating reels and descriptions, makes it so much easier. Has anyone tried it yet?

  4. thanx for another great video. I have a problem that I get stuck between 200 and 300 views.

  5. I have a question i always have busy days and i think what is going wrong is i am posting when people are not active . But its not my fault i have a busy life its not like i can be on my phone 24/7 sometimes i feel like giving up . But i don't know how to fix it

  6. My vids used to get hundreds/thousands of views but now they won’t even get over 100 🧐

  7. My videos perform we’ll percentage wise, sometimes I’m at 40% likes and engagement – but still my viewer count stays low and I never hit fyp, even if it has 400 views and 150 likes 20 saves, it’s never enough to get a bump in the algorithm.

  8. All the videos are common because they all white people it’s not one black person that’s trending

  9. Thank you so much for the RRR method, i will definitely be thinking about that going forward!

  10. Just relate to what I just did. I had a fun video of my dog following me, and now I think I could have related to other people by saying something like: "If your dog don't obey you, just do this ??" Thanks for the tips. I will try to stick to the 3Rs next time. !!!!

  11. amazing. thanks for the tips. really helpful. Cheers from Brazil

  12. How about if you get a good amount of likes but your view count is down?

  13. I've yet to see a good tiktok video. Very strange.

  14. I'm getting about 10% likes per views on most of my videos… Problem is I'm only getting like 150 views…. It's confusing because even after running a promotion on a vid where I got about 25% likes per views, the stuff I post right after still gets sent out to the same amount of people :/

  15. Step 1: be Charli damileo

  16. My issue is I went from getting many thousands of views every post until 4-5 days ago each video get only couple hundred it’s like my videos aren’t being shown. I get lots of comments I get lots of likes from the people who do view it I keep the videos short I engage every comment but suddenly bam views dropped. I had like 150k views in my mast 10 videos combined averaging 15k per video then made a post it got 500 views in like wtf next view like 450 views and so on each video getting less and less and I notice comments people leave keep disappearing

  17. @joseph, I could really use some help. In August 2020, I started a TikTok account. I posted my first video, which got over 2k views within a day or so. I posted a couple more videos than stopped for almost a year before posting another one. And now, I have had zero growth. I have 2173 follows but am only getting any views, likes, or comments from them either. Is it because I left the account for so long? Are my videos not catching people’s attention? Should I start over with a new account?

  18. Bro I only take like 150 views and that makes me happy lol

  19. Plot Twist: Posted a video with 2 pictures of a wrestler that passed away yesterday, and just wrote, in memory of Beautiful Bobby Eaton 1958-2021 with 4 hashtags and in less than 30 minutes it had 5k views. Haven't checked back as of this writing.

  20. TikTok is honestly rubbish it pushes my videos for the first couple mins. The second it hit around 60 or 70 views and gets around 25 likes and then just stops I don’t get anymore views, TikTok just allows my videos to get a certain amount of view then takes it off the for you page

  21. As not a bot, I realy thought it would be a bot

  22. my last 16 vids dont have over 20 views…

  23. I couldn't get even 10views on my video and it became worries to me, not until I was recommended to yuby_tech on Instagram who helped me perfectly..

  24. Whenever I use a different app to make the video, specifically vivavideo and then upload to tiktok, I get under 10 views. WHY??

  25. Please I want you to help grow my account

  26. W:h:a:t:s:A:p:p+1(5:3:0)(2:3:7)(0:6:3:4).,.🇺🇸❤️…:
    He helped got me unbanned, He's a pro…

  27. W:h:a:t:s:A:p:p+1(5:3:0)(2:3:7)(0:6:3:4).,.🇺🇸❤️…:
    He helped got me unbanned, He's a pro…

  28. My tiktok videoS posted by PHONE can reach 200-400views each video. When I posted by using SCHEDULE posting in laptop then those videos posted by SCHEDULE reached only 2-9views each video, is it SCHEDULE posting not encourage to use?

  29. i edited a video for 2 hours to get 2 views

  30. What can you do to get views after deleting all your videos

  31. what about for nonprofits and sharing more or educating about their cause? Can it fit in the 3 r's?

  32. This guy really helped me out i posted my first video and i reached 1 million views on 2 days

  33. All I can focus on is that 1 loose hair

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