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💰 How to Make Money Fast in Star Citizen 3.14 Prospector Mining Guide

Let me show you how to make money fast in this Star Citizen 3.14 Prospector mining guide! I will show you my two favorite places to do prospector mining in 3.14 Star Citizen! You will certainly know how to make money fast in Star Citizen! With this amazing prospector mining guide.

Check out my latest video on How to have the Best Start in Star Citizen Beginners Guide for 3.17! I cover the latest quantanium mining in a prospector.

The latest Prospector video for 3.17 + REQUIRED scanner settings!

Watch my Star Citizen 3.14.1 Ultimate Prospector Mining Stealth Build here!

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  1. The fastest way to earn cash in SC is begging for it (o,O) never seen an online game where players hassle money out of other players pocket.

  2. OK lost me with all the info at the start about drives and modules. have no idea what those are.. obviously this video is NOT targeted towards beginners. LOL

  3. i dont have enough money for my own prospector and the rented one has only trash lasers….cant brake any quantanium rocks -.-

  4. So… Is this refinement order duplication bug fixed? *Nervously shifts on his feet like a crackhead"

  5. step one. Have enough to buy a prospector

  6. where can i find this stampede module in 3.17 ??? I found this Surge module but missing this Stampede??? Can someone help me?

  7. Lmfao yeah good luck guys. Have fun with that quantanium. I’ll pass I’d rather rent a cutty black and rent a rod and mine small rocks and make 200k per load and I can get a full load in about an hour I’d rather wait than have to worry.

  8. Looking to get into mining. Plan is to buy a Prospector to mine, take that to get refined then transport the refined material in my Cutlass. I have a Titan but I don't think there is enough storage for the refined materials.
    Am I pointed in the right direction or would you advise different?

  9. man what am i doing wrong, my scanners do not work nearly as well as yours. Mine will not pick up rocks unless im nearly hitting them. Do you have to upgrade scanners or something???? Yourspicked up that cluster instantly, yet mine is straight up not working at all. How are you doing that?? Im about to lose my actual mind trying to play this game and mine

  10. The latest Prospector video for 3.17 + REQUIRED scanner settings!
    How to have the Best Start in Star Citizen Beginners Guide for 3.17!


  11. As a new player I found this very helpful

  12. Is this still working in the latest 3.17 PTU build? I've tried go to Lyria yesterday, did spot some rocks, tried to scan them, with the scanner and then activated the mining arm, nothing scanned, it was just sitting there. I'm a little familiar with mining in SC because I've done it with the Greycat ROC. But nothing seems to work on the prospector…

  13. I"ve been in the game for less than 2 weeks. Currently doing ROC mining so I was interested to see what other options are for mining. You make it sound as it is easy, we'll see… Thanks for the video.

  14. its actually a hop skip and a quantum jump away

  15. can you put these modules on the rental mining ship?

  16. Where can I buy these mining upgrades? Seems like a kind of important part of the tutorial.

  17. As of recent, the area that is 12,500,000 Km is only there 1 out of 1 or 5 times I try it. These are very close as I cannot stop at the 12.5 mark exactly, but 12.499.903 is pretty close. Could be due to the version difference, but if anyone has any suggestions, its greatly appreciated.
    Thanks for the info
    -a new miner.

  18. Well done Mate! This is the best guide on the inter web!! 👍👍👍

  19. Is the refinery duplication method patched in 3.16? 3.17 will be live shortly and I'd like to know I can't seem to find any concrete information on the subject. Any follow up would be appreciated greatly. Awesome video as always your videos make this game so much better for me and friends to enjoy. Thank you for doing all that you do for the community.

  20. Where did you get all your stuff from

  21. "Gonna lose your load"

    Me Puts my hand over it "N-N-n-No Im not…" o_o

  22. "With great power comes great responsibility" As he moves the camera on his face shit made me laughhhh 🤣🤣

  23. Bro idk how You managed to jump out at the right distance xD

  24. Need to put out a new guide as mining in space is not long as good as it was. They have nerfed the number and % of quantanium rocks that spawn in the Halo. The best place to go now is Lyria. I've done 100's of hours mining in space and on Lyria and Lyria is the clear winner. I can give out all info regarding how and what to do on Lyria if anyone is in need. It's not too different besides being on a moon. But you will NEVER make $1Million an hour in space any more, not even close. It's more like $50,000 now IF you get lucky.

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