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Logo Pack Install Guide Football Manager 2024 | How to get real club badges and logos into FM24

Transform your Football Manager 2024 experience with this step-by-step tutorial on installing logo packs in FM24.
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How to install a logo pack

1) Download your desired logo pack online
TCM Logos – https://www.tcmlogos.com/tcm24-logos-fm24/

2) Copy the downloaded rar/zip file to your FM24 graphics folder. (create the folder if it doesn’t exist)

For Windows users, move to:
C:UsersUSERNAMEDocumentsSports InteractiveFootball Manager 2024graphics

For Mac users there’s 2 possible locations, move to:
Macintosh HDusersUSERNAMEDocumentsPUBLICSports InteractiveFootball Manager 2024graphics.
Macintosh HDusersUSERNAMEDocumentsSports InteractiveFootball Manager 2024graphics

3) Extract the contents on the downloaded file to the graphics folder with WinRAR. This should leave you with a new folder in your graphics folder containing your logo pack badges.

Download Winrar: http://www.rarlab.com/download.htm
Win-Rar Install Guide: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f_W-bYNhTAw

4) Launch Football Manager 2024, navigate to your preferences and clear cache/reload skin.

If you cannot see a reload skin button, go onto preferences, advanced, the drop-down box onto interface, and make sure under the skin section “reload skin when confirming changes in Preferences” is on.

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Logo Pack Install Guide Football Manager 2024 | How to get real club badges and logos into FM24
Logo Pack Install Guide Football Manager 2024 | How to get real club badges and logos into FM24
Logo Pack Install Guide Football Manager 2024 | How to get real club badges and logos into FM24


  1. Seen a few comments about the lack of a Manchester United logo in the pack I use. Manchester United took legal action against logopack creators a few years ago as part of their lawsuit against Football Manager, you can add their badge in yourself however I’m unable to say how – I know that's annoying so appologies.

  2. It’s not worked for me and all my logos have disappeared now

  3. does anyone else have a problem where the site wont load at all

  4. how do i do this when ive downloaded the game off of gamepass?

  5. thanks for the video. can i ask if you know anything about the scoltand badge. in my game the flag is there but in the top left the logo is fake?

  6. Can any on this work on an xbox

  7. anyone have the issue with Manchester united not having a badge?

  8. AMAZING Videos u are making!!
    Manchester United is not in the pack 🙁 Is it possible u can make a video how to get them in the game <3 😀
    Love your content so keep it up!!

  9. This might be a stupid question but if in the logo/kit pack folders you have multiple options like classic , retro, new etc how does FM decide or know which ones to use in game?

  10. When TCM 24 is out, can I overwrite TCM 24's files on TCM 23's files?

  11. i downloaded this pack but all logos came except the Man Utd one. Does someone know why?

  12. This probably won’t work, but my computer is to slow and won’t do this, but if someone did this process on their laptop, but logged into my steam account and applied this to my Football manager game on fm24 would it work when I then went on my laptop and played the game?

  13. sorry if im being dumb but when i put tcm24 into google it sends me to their website but theres no download button for the pack, do i have to wait or am i doing something wrong

  14. Hi mate you no when packs have upgrades .. how can i get the new villa crest they use this season

  15. Thanks for making the video. Unfortunately, I've followed the steps in the video and in the description step by step but to no avail since I can't seem to get any logos to load in. I could've sworn I had it working earlier but regardless of which logopack I use, it doesn't seem to work :(. If anyone on Mac has any troubleshooting ideas, I'm all ears.

  16. none of the links work for me to download 🙁

  17. I don't have Sports Interactive folder :'(, i install FM24 in Steam.

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