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How To Install a Husqvarna Dirt Bike Headlight Kit

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This headlight kit is the complete OE kit for those Husky models that didn’t come with a headlight stock. Plug-and-play wiring that connects directly to the OE light connectors on your bike. Complete kit that includes headlight mask, headlight assembly, switch and all required mounting hardware for installation.

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  1. I cant putting and my husky 350fc

  2. Can this be installed on the 2020 Tc125

  3. Does this work on a husqvarna tc 125

  4. Is this good for all the “x” line of bikes? Looking at a 2020 fx450 and would like to have a headlight

  5. Hey guys can you tell me if the 2017 FC450 has a lighting output stator because if not i will run a simple 4inch led bar instead of the factory headlight

  6. Thanks for the video i buy all my stuff from Rocky mountain mc what wattage is the bulb and if it is the same as stock can you replace the bulb in that unit to a brighter bulb

  7. Does the bike have to be running to run the light?

  8. Is it possible to install this on a "not KTM/Husqvarna" motorcycle?

  9. For some reason the light mine is not that bright

  10. I have a husky 350 fx! would this fit?

  11. so will this be the exact same process with the KTM XCF?

  12. Can you guys make an updated fork seal replacement videos? The other ones are 8+ years old.

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