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How to Earn 1 Billion GP in Oldschool Runescape! [OSRS]

Hey guys, today I am making a video I have put off for a long time. That is addressing the higher end money makers in the game. Today I wanted to have a brief look at how most people become billionaires in oldschool runescape.

Gnomonkey Elf Thieving Guide

This isn’t meant to be in depth in anyway, just a quick overview of what time of money makers are available when you reach the end game. All of the GP/hrs are just estimates, and will most likely change over the next few months/years. I am going to be highlighting all of the top PvM, Skilling and other money makers in OSRS.

Thanks for watching!

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  1. I remember drinking one night and getting lured for my tbow by a green dot on my minimap. Its been over 2 year, but if i come back, im focusing on the fastest way to get my bow back

  2. Is someone a nerd translator? or have a nerd dictionary? I haven't understood a word.

  3. Best osrs youtuber by far. Thank you

  4. Any returning players? I need so much help LOL

  5. I have 100.576378 octiallin milkion runsecape

  6. 1b isn’t that rich anymore

  7. Wow. You were buying claws for 6m a year ago. Dang

  8. all my skills are lv 1 except melee i made 5b all from pvp

  9. Flipping made me lose half my bank. In osrs it seems more like gambling than merching

  10. Step 1: buy it from a gold farmer

  11. You have the Maplestory Kerning city background music during the beginning of the video LMAOOO

  12. "If you want to spend a thousand hours doing what you actually like you must be kind of crazy, so better camp zulrah for 250 hours!"

  13. Corrupted gimlet sucks now btw. Not worth the time

  14. What's the most common way people become billionaires? Lol they pay 500 quid lmfao

  15. What client are you using? Looks like all the animations are 60FPS

  16. 1,200 hydra kills…no claw. i swear the game hates me

  17. Only have 630m but that's the most I have ever had on one account from when I started in 07

  18. Just seeing the amount of hours wasted makes me want to quit rs

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