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How to Earn Gridcoin with Pool Research via grcpool.com

This video demonstrates setting up the grcpool.com to work with the BOINC project manager to earn Gridcoin via pool research. Use your BOINC science research to earn yourself some Gridcoin then trade for some Bitcoin.

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  1. GRCPool is shutting down?? On the site it says it is shutting down at the end of 2022. No goodbye message no explanation..

  2. I am having so much trouble dealing with
    1: my old account recovery even though I have .dat file.
    2: getting connected to receive grid coin. I can't add a project, it just does nothing when I click save.
    3: Can't understand why my Cpid changed.
    4: I have 40k credit from a project I computed in 2016 and I have no idea how to convert that to Grc.
    5: I feel like the whole give us your resources and we will make it as difficult as possible to get a token is really a disgusting experience and to top it off it doesn't work well and I can't access my old 2016 Grc either.
    I would love to support this project but it's just another day wasted trying to make sense of some complicated software for nothing.

  3. Absolutely stellar video. Had it up and running in no time at all. Love the project, love gridcoin, and most of all love science!!

  4. Worked great thank you for the video. Worked great!

  5. How the fuck do I know which projects are CPU based and which are GPU based? An interface showed me that at the beginning but once I closed it I could never find it again

  6. This seems to be so complicated. What a shame that this kind of research mining is not easier to set up and therefore much more widespread to compete with those environmentally damaging useless mining operations of the major cryptocurrencies.

  7. i just started gridcoin, i am in the pool at the moment. basic I have been using boinc for over a year and I wonder if one day I could make gridcoin using my boinc account in my team?

  8. I've got it up and running but ran into a few issues so I will provide solutions in case others run into them. I already had Boinc installed so when I tried to add the pool URL I clicked next and client just closed. I ended up uninstalled the client and removed everything from PorgramData/BOINC and then reinstalled. Next issue was something like "could not add project – please try again later". I just tried it 3-4 more times over several minutes and eventually the client connected to to the pool. I was able to add a project no problem and it is now processing.

  9. When do I see the first rewards? I crunched some tasks, it got uploaded, but in my account on the pool it still shows nothing, everything is linked, like in the tutorial.

  10. Nice. I was running BOINC anyway. I'm just curious if you are also using computing power for the mining process on top of using BOINC? Are BOINC projects missing out slightly by using grcpool? Great project. Great idea.

  11. Wait will this work if I was already crunching on my own?

  12. Let's say I know BOINC well, and then I followed these steps and joined a GC pool and a couple projects. Can you do a video that shows the next steps for a new Crypto user to generate/attach a wallet to GC? Is that process any different if doing it solo or pool?

  13. Hello, I've been trying to get setup over the last 4-5 days and seem to be stuck. After removing my prior BOINC Account manager, detaching all hosts in BAM, reinstalling BOINC, I try to add the grcpool project manager to BOINC , after entering ID and Password and clicking 'finish' I get a notice "grcpool.com: Notice from BOINC Message from account manager: Authorization failed" . I've gone ahead and changed my password on the grcpool site and still have the same error. I've been running BOINC for about 10 years but this setup is more than a little frustrating.

  14. I followed 4:16 but grcpool.com still says that I have 0 hosts attached. I go to click on "set my address" under Earnings, but it says: "The Gridcoin hot wallet is currently offline" I don't understand what's going on.

  15. Will grcpool pull over my already earned Boinc credit?

  16. download the block and i have a error . blkindex.bat why ?

  17. I have followed this tutorial step by step at least 20 times and still I am receiving a notice from BOINC manager 'grcpool.com: Notice from BOINC Message from account manager: Authorization Failed'…I have reset my grcpool password 3 times. I'm able to logout and log in on the web page using the username and password. Anyone have any ideas what is wrong?

  18. After doing this setup, I'm getting the following notice from Rosetta@home:

    Rosetta@home: Notice from BOINC
    This project is using an old URL. When convenient, remove the project, then add http://boinc.bakerlab.org/rosetta/
    25-Jan-18 11:23:49 AM

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