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Thailand Wants to Bypass Malaysia and Singapore by Building a Land Bridge?

Have you ever wondered if there’s a way to bypass the crowded shipping lanes of Malaysia and Singapore?

In 1677, Thailand’s King Narai the Great dreamt of a waterway, the Kra Canal, to achieve just that. Fast forward to October 2023, and Thailand’s Prime Minister, Srettha Thavisin, unveils an ambitious plan for a 90km land bridge in its southern region. This proposed project aims to reshape maritime trade routes by offering an alternative to the crucial Strait of Malacca. Join us as we explore the historical context, the strategic importance of the Straits of Malacca, and the potential impact of Thailand’s grand land bridge initiative on global shipping. Could this be a game-changer or a pipedream? Share your thoughts in the comments below, and don’t forget to subscribe for more updates on intriguing developments across Asia! 🚢🌏

0:00 The Thailand Kra Canal
2:19 Why are the Straits of Malacca so Important?
4:54 Thailand’s Grand Land Bridge
8:54 A Pipedream or a Gamechanger?

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  1. You can't do it with Oil and Gas transfer. one day unload, one day to the other side and one day to load? two ships on containers.

  2. It won't be possible because firstly, China and US are Malaysia and Singapore close allies much much much much closer than Thailand. Secondly, such a complex undertaking not only need a lot of money which ties back to the first point, but, will take a very long time. So, even if such project proceed, it will take 10 – 15 years minimum, by then, Port Klang and PTP in Malaysia will also have advanced quite a lot, rendering this land-bridge irrelevant.

  3. Stupid PM from Thai. The BRI will suck your economy. Worst u can't pay them. Talk about what economy when u are sleeping with an enemy. Haha. All Thai citizens, good luck to u…😅😮😂

  4. Yes, if China is the one that builds it, it would be a success, Singapore has the monopoly now, and by the looks of things, they are greedy. Good on you China you are the equaliser, and your measuring rod is ❤ justice. May God bless you.

  5. A good in-depth analysis should include information on time and cost savings. What is the cost of unloading, loading and transporting containers across the Kra. People in the freight industry could easily provide the ballpark figure.

  6. A land bridge means ships will need to unload at one port to land vehicles to transport the goods to be loaded again to ships at another port. Theoretically feasible. However, there will be other additional costs to consider, such as logistical, shipping, insurance and administrative costs in order to save a few days more of shipping time.

  7. Well, building anything is possible. What you need is money. But to make it work and profitable is another ballgame. The two ports better be as efficient and technologically advance than S'pore. The Thais will have to study very closely at S'pore Tuas port and tell themselves they have the confidence to beat that. Then money cannot buy the workforce experience and connectivity S'pore possessed established over the decades. This land bridge mega project is a very good idea that must not fail. If it does, Thailand will fall flat on its face for decades to come.

  8. Tan kuku also don't have. Good Luck.

  9. It's good to have a bridge @ canal, there, not only for the benefits of economic of Thailand & China, solely, but many more countries, Malaysia & Singapore should not be selfish!!!

  10. Of course the Kra canal has to be built. That is because the Singapore government of the Lee family is a vassal to the US master who use that country and it's geographical location for geopolitical strategic suppressing of Asia from rising.

  11. If that happens,. Malaysia can expect our currency to be super 'strong'

  12. This Thai PM may be corrupted, otherwise a sensible person will not do so at the expense of the country. Having too many chinese into Thailand is not necessary a good thing. Look at the current crime rate in Thailand.

  13. This is pure shitty news. China can transport through Myanmar.

  14. I wish we, ordinary people, knew what is really going on.

  15. Just think..what do investors want..returns..does this project generate the returns required? When this is anwsered, first step is out of the door. Currently, only China will do as it does not want only retruns but a strategic alternative to a potential choke point. They already started many overland rails and pipelines to mitigate this risk. On the Thai side, the land bridge avoids cutting the country apart from its muslim south. Unless they do not mind autonomy or even territorial disunity the political blast back can be considerable. Thus a canal seems more a pipe dream than the land bridge. Also for those in the know, logistics is not only about transportation, shipping dates etc but other ancillaries. Does Thailand provide that in sufficent efficacy? The project is long term with at least a 50 year operational control guarantee. WIth the Thai political track record, permanence of Governments and or policies is in doubt. My 2 cents.

  16. A canal is a correct idea . A bridge is a future failure .

  17. Nothing wrong with connecting people & trade

  18. The new mega Tuas Port on the west tip of Singapore, if it can cut the port visit by 2 days due to efficiency will reduce the need for the Kra canal. Fengsui-wise it is not advisable.

  19. 2039 land bridge linked to China, Singapore has sufficient time to plan ahead, a big impact on Singapore economy. Maybe join Malaysia federation or better option join partner with Thailand, Malaysia, Myanmar, Laos, Vietnam and Cambodia.

  20. Thailand land bridge could have a devastating impact on Singapore economy in shipping, air, land, finance and banking.
    Cannot blame China to cooperate with Thailand in this megaproject. Geopolitical dispute over the South China Seas and with the US threatening China of the closure of the Straits of Malacca. India is a partner of the US strategic alliance will take order from the US to blockade the Straits of Malacca.

  21. Asia is peace. whatever happen in the near future or future future.

  22. Thailand must quickly take China money loan to start the project , Singapore welcomes new competitions.

  23. Lol. One ship carries many containers of goods, arrive at a port, then unload all goods to land vehicles n reload at another port..

  24. Very good project for the Thai people good idea

  25. I was in the Thai gov't in 1995. I saw a research two inches thick about Canal sitting on the shelf of collected dust. I supported the Canal but PM turned down a project. It is a long story, Thailand is lucky in her location, but unlucky governed by corrupt officials military, and police. SG and Malay were happy that Canal was never built under their briberies. Thailand is controlled by politicians mafias and corporations. Millions in poverty survive under $2 p/d.
    Canal is better, but this PM a former R.E. developer CEO is a salesman. He has no experience in political economy and got in by accidental political disputes and chaotic elections. But he is smarter than a previous P.M. with Buffalo's brain and wasted 8 years for the worse because he robbed a women PM she was a sister of Thaksin a former PM but a fugitive to the West.

    Lanbridge or Canal will benefit Thailand but more profit go to the Chinese and Thai elites. Locals get the scrum. Thai media always lies and low-quality news. S.E. Asia loves mega-projects because it is easier to do Mega-corruption. The locals deserve better after 8 years of toilet economy, but 98% of locals just survive on each month's salary. Thais have the highest personal debt in the world.

    Illegal digital gambling, drugs, sex, alcohol, and money laundering are proliferating from all directions. Foreign criminals move to Thailand because police are for sale and the law is a tissue to clean asses. It is all about greed and money at the bottom line.
    Like Zue Canal which is growing in revenue. Kar Canal is in a better position, not only a center of passage but also a port for shipbuilding, tourism, etc. It would generate more than 250k jobs. New cities, finance, education, and IT will come along, and FDI.

    Landbridge is a waste of time transferring tons of cargo TWICE a day from ship to land and land to ship. It is wasting two or more days with labor and money, etc.
    But this is the Thai style which is good at making everything more difficult because it is about more money and corruption. Thailand has a long way to go, arrogant and prejudiced the poor Asians but the Jap and white puppets same as the Philippines. Time will tell the truth but it will get better no matter land or Canal.

  26. This project ain’t gonna happen mate.

  27. whatever happen malaysia will always benefit as we can just build another port at kelantan area where we get the best of both world of penang/klang and kelantan port but this will effect singapore greatly as they need to share the "cake" with thailand. malaysia can just goes for quantity rather than quality and invest minimally not wasting our money for fancy thing.

  28. Nahhh, it's absolutely not feasible!
    Just a pipedream of a new prime minister to excite his voters.

    For sure, both shipping companies and consignees will face higher costs and operational troubles.

    But logistically, is impossible to even match the current sailing time via the Straits of Malacca.

    Here's why:

    – Ship's carrying capacity (Europe to Far East) averages 10,000 TEUs (20ft container equivalent).
    – Annually, about 140,000 ships (all kinds) call at Singapore, mostly Europe-FarEast services.

    Railing a ship's 10,000 containers on Thai landbridge:
    ▪︎10,000 × 8 metre/container = 80 km train-capacity
    ▪︎= 400 trains, each 25 containers (200 metres/train)
    ▪︎= 400 trains x half-hour = 200 hrs
    ▪︎= 200 hours / 24 = 8 days

  29. Meanwhile in Malaysia (Peninsula), East Coast Rail Link (ECRL) is under construction scheduled for completion in 2027. It will be connecting Port Klang in the west coast (Strait of Malacca) and the furthest city Kota Bharu in north east of the peninsula. It also spurs to Kuantan Port in the east coat (South China Sea). This ECRL will provide 70% for cargo service and 30% for passenger train. The stretch linking Port Klang and Kuantan Port will be completed much earlier before 2027, adopting the "land bridge" concept planned by Thailand. It is not trying to take over Singapore's role but to ease a bit Singapore Port burdens and the congestion.

  30. the thai muslims in the south will be very happy.as the canal physically separates north & south.

  31. When Thailand opened the idea to USA, it showed uncertainty in the project even with China one rout one belt initiative.

  32. Only China will be capable of undertaking such gigantic venture, both financially and technologically.

  33. That's funny I think your definition of "Thailand"… is a little off. You mean WORLD INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING TRADE… wants to shave off several sea days, thousands of miles and millions of gallons of bunker oil… Bwa ha ha ha ,😆 "Thailand"

  34. Land-bridge?? Did he get his logistics experts to work out the overall costs in the operations as well as the costs to the shipping lines???

  35. Land bridge only allows the goods to go from one port to another port, what about the ships? The ships still need to sail from one side to the other side. Ships still need to go by Singapore port.

  36. Canals will be better, it'll have many benefits for maritimers, calculation and time spend have to calculate before investment

  37. 对中国是好事,马六甲海峡的封锁只会来自美国,和印度无关

  38. Should be built. Singapore had a good run but is too pro America making it a huge target for China

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