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How to Install & Run Java in Visual Studio Code (Under 5 minutes) {2022}

This video is about – how to set up and run a Java program in visual studio code on Windows and Mac.

Visual Studio Code installation link

Search “visual studio code for java” in your browser such as chrome and click on the first link.

Document of Java Language setup and Install on VS Code

Documentation of Java Tutorial on VS Code

Java JDK 17 Download Link

In this VSCode tutorial for beginners, I’ll be showing you how to use Visual Studio Code for Java Development. I’m going to show you how you can configure visual studio code (vscode) to run JAVA programs on Windows10 OS. You can use the same method to install the java program and jdk(java development kit) on Mac.

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  1. Thank you
    It's very helpful for me ❀

  2. Every single time i try installing java, something happens. Only yours that did the trick. Short, straight to the point, perfect. I think am gonna subscribe now

  3. Thank you dear mister! You are truly a wonderful person and very helpful <3 Thanks to you I could do it easily with some small problems but I figured it all out and it works.😘😘 Greetings from Poland and from my University πŸ’œπŸ’œ

  4. Thanks for this make it easy

  5. This video helped me a lot. Thank you <33

  6. Thanks firstly i want to ask something. Δ°s that latest java version still? Δ° downloaded jdk just like you did. But now i want to use last version ( my teachers request) so im gonna download latest version from oracle. So there will be two jdk on windows is that could cause any problem ? and how can i use my new jdk on vscode? if you can help ill be glad πŸ™‚

  7. Thanku so much 🀧β™₯️

  8. Why the output is not showing in output section??
    It is showing in terminal section

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