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LAMINATE REPAIR | How to perfectly repair damage to new laminate

Useful tips for restoration and repair from “The Restorer”👍
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Sharp objects fell on the newly installed laminate and damaged its surface.
The video showed how you can locally repair damage such as chips, scratches, dents and holes on the surface of the laminate that is already installed on the floor.
It is not always possible to replace the damaged part of the laminate, so it was decided to restore it. The result was very good, it is impossible to find a damaged place on the laminate.
All damage can be repaired with special restoration materials for local restoration (hard waxes, acrylic markers, putties, varnishes and other auxiliary materials).
I use technologies and materials of the “Heinrich König & Co” company.

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  1. They'll be calling again in 1 week when it's full of hair and dust, then pulls out entirely

  2. They said to use Wood Filler on another video so I just ordered that! I didn't know people used Wax!

  3. So basically I can't do it myself.

  4. Just sellys spakfills,, sand … paint or even wood stain.

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  6. Is it possible to repair bathroom floor where it is constantly wet? Will the product durable as we apply on dry surface?

  7. This was amazing! I want to treat scratches on my engineered hardwood floors. Could I also do the same as you did? If so, how do I decide on the wax color?

  8. Do there also exist pens for painting burn-in wax in wood?

  9. How to seal the wax after?

  10. Amazing tips and a really good finish

  11. Fabulous; got any words of wisdom for water damaged laminate. I'm putting flat weights on top with a heater and a fan hoping to flatten it (dang dogs).

  12. That’s more artwork but good job

  13. Where do you get the wax from? Seems to be difficult to get anyghing but wood colours in New Zealand. Thanks for the video!

  14. Have you got any tips on how to use soft wax for kitchen Matt cupboard doors please?

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