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How To Repair an Inner Tube Puncture: Tips from a Professional Bike Mechanic

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Repairing a punctured inner tube is a simple job when you know how and this video takes you through the important steps to get your bike back up and running in no time.

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Presented by Jim from Jim The Bike Guy, a professional Cytech level 3 qualified bike mechanic specialising in servicing, upgrading and repairing all types of bikes from his bespoke workshop in West Berkshire. He specialises in high-end road, cyclocross and gravel bikes as well as cross-country race bikes. In his spare time he enjoys riding and racing all types of bikes to an enthusiastic standard.

Jim The Bike Guy

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  1. I always start the hunt for the source of the puncture by looking around the tyre before removing the inner tube. If you find a thorn/flint, you know where the hole in the inner tube will be.
    I'm still searching for a good way to mark the location of a puncture on the inner tube accurately. I've seen people suggest making the hole larger so it is easily visible – that just seems crazy!

  2. Such GREAT EXPERT videos Jim presents . . . I've found that if you are having trouble finding the puncture, try running the tube really close under your nose – an extra sensitive spot to help detect air escaping ! Happy trails!

  3. Keep a small container that has a nozzle tip which is filled with soapy water to use for locating the leak. Especially, useful under low light conditions. Or use your own spit to verify the leak location.

  4. Thanks very much. I just wonder why the Front (vs.rear) Tube on my comfort bike: 1) keeps losing air comparatively fast; 2) keeps getting flats. Confounding!

  5. I simply pack a replacement tube, tire removal tool, and a small air pump with me on my rides. Replacing the tube is easier and quicker than trying to find a tiny puncture hole especially if you are on the side of a busy road or around an unsafe part of town. I rather deal with repairing the punctured tube at home. Also, I have found the quick peel on patches useless for high pressure tires on road bikes (80-120 psi). They work on lower pressure tires but never last long on high psi tires.

  6. Can a 18" inner tube fit a 20"x4.0 wheel if you put a pool noodle in the tire. What other size inner tubes can fit a 20"x4.0 bike wheel or fat tire wheel ?

  7. I once used a deep pot hole full of water to find a puncture lol did the job

  8. Thanks mate. Really informative. Top man

  9. Must be the best “instructor”on the net😊

  10. Geez, it took you 4.5 minutes to get to the meat of the matter. Good advice but an insufferable amount of unnecessary talking. Its a 4 minute video strethed to 15.

  11. 3 min in told me it's no good , ty , great video!

  12. This Ladd knows a thing or two about a thing or two "

  13. Wot do i do if i havent got a bike pump does blowing in it work??

  14. I like those patches in theory but they rarely work for me if the hole is anywhere near the seam, which it virtually always will be. It's just not worth the hassle to do it at the road side. ALWAYS take a spare tube and worry about whether to fix it later .

  15. TIPS:

    If you have difficulty finding the hole, try this:
    Pass the tube very close to your upper lip. It's a very sensitive area and you will "feel" the air.


    Add dish soap to water then stir so there are bubbles. Then use a sponge and rub it on the tire. It will blow bubbles where the hole is.

    Add to your kit one of those tiny wipes they use at the hospital after using a syringe. Very good to clean the inner tube! You can find them for cheap at any pharmacy.

  16. Not a fan òf insta patch😢 downer

  17. Sorry mate. I’m 62. My wife is 63. Without our reading glasses we’ve got no chance of seeing a small puncture.

  18. I usually carry a couple of spares and a glue kit for longer rides. Like most people here, I find those stick on patches are pretty unreliable. I usually wait until i have about 5 or 6 tubes then spend a few minutes fixing them at home. 3 coats of glue, couple on the patch, overnight with some weights on them and they're good to go. I've got some tubes that are more patch than tube now.

  19. People actually waste their time fixing a bicycle inner tube ? I just go buy another one. They’re not expensive. I will save them for a rainy do project 😂

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