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How to Install the Easiest Outdoor Socket

Follow me through a step by step guide to installing the easiest external socket that I think anyone can install. This can be used for gardening, lighting or any outside electrical installation and can be controlled remotely.

Amazon links to the items in this video…

► External Socket: https://amzn.to/3u1dyOG
► External Socket with RCD: https://amzn.to/32SO3Tx
► Cable (1.5mm Flex): https://amzn.to/3tZYDV1
► Surface Mounted Backbox: https://amzn.to/32SrTAW
► Marksman marking tool: https://amzn.to/2TlTNUP
► Dewalt 18v Combi Drill: https://amzn.to/2MiM71A

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  1. As an registered electrician with 20 years experience – nice job 👍 I would have charged £150 parts and labor plus certificate for that. ( in august 2021 )
    To water proof further I would have run silicon around the whole socket where it is in contact with the wall except the bottom side.

  2. Hi there, I just want to say I absolutely love your videos. Unfortunately I did have a dad who didn’t really teach me much and wasn’t really a part of my life. But I just wanted to say that I absolutely appreciate all the hard work you do. Thanks to you. I have installed new sockets in my stepdaughters office managed to put electrics outside the House and many more things that you talk people through.

    I suppose growing up, not being taught anything, it just looks all scary

    But when you put your mind to it and follow the basic steps how you put your content out it’s not that scary. I suppose it’s like riding a bike once you keep doing it you get better it every day but I just really want to thank you and appreciate your service.

    Like everybody else this has saved me hundreds of pounds getting chippy, Plumber, And Sparky, in

    I think you’ve mentioned it before. Did you say you had a membership page? As you clearly have saved me a hell of a lot of money. Dave

  3. Iv just bought 1 of these snd already has a plug on it 😉

  4. What size cable did you use please

  5. Excellent. As a matter of Safety it is often noted that these outdoor sockets (with our without RCD) are not recommended for power tools as they can be working at switched on outside but if a breaker trips and one goes inside and resets the breaker the power tool with re-energise. They are more recommended for items with internal moving parts like deep freezes or fountain pumps. That said who would not use one for garden appliances?!! A note on these lines. It is a bit like PAR testing when you have to have the item (circular saw…) on to test it and it comes live and moving during the test!

  6. Oooff this is so clever! Never thought of plugging into a current socket. I assume you need a hammer drill into brick?

  7. Thanks. Ive got an outlet on opposite side i can wire into.

  8. So how did you run the cable for the garden lights so that they are not showing around the house?

  9. I watched this after watching the 'Garden Lights' video where you mentioned this one. I have one question, if you plug the garden light setup into this external socket how do you shut the door/cap of the external socket??

  10. Does it matter if you use T&E or flex? And what size is recommended for either?

  11. Another excellent video – thanks for making this.

  12. Well, after looking at so many videos on this subject, I decided that your 13amp plug solution was the one to go for. I think it was the only one with that idea!!. I followed your instructions and found it all worked out well, with one modification, I put the cable in some trunking. Ohh what a game that was!!! But I liked the look as it was in the Living Room. The conduit through the wall was an interesting time, getting to stay in place when sealing it. It kept on moving. Recommend, longer is better than shorter!. Thanks so much for giving me the confidence to do this job

  13. I think I might do this myself. I've had enough of dragging an extension lead and hose on a reel from the exterior socket and tap in the back garden whenever we wash the car. The only sensible option for power is the sockets under the front room window. That'll work. No trailing cables and no trailing hose as I've fixed it to the side of the house and all we need is a short length to attach when washing.😊

  14. ive just installed my own copying this method i also ran silicone on outside except bottom….thanks for the video 🤟

  15. Great video Stuart,
    Although as an electrician, I tend to cringe when I see people use knives around cables, especially ones that will eventually carry mains voltage.

  16. Can i plug a extension on a outdoor extension? For my shed?

  17. Little known fact – Part P regulations in Wales differ from England – it is illegal to add any external sockets or power to outbuildings without either using a fully CPS registered electrician or notifying local building control before hand and paying the £200+ fee's.

    Wales still running on 2010 building regulations so kitchens and anything outdoors is still considered a 'special location' so no adding of fused spurs or extensions to circuits is allowed. This includes connecting the external socket via a plug like this – as it would be deemed a fixed installation, regardless if your plugging it in rather than through a fused spur.

    Just pointing this out – don't agree with it though, personally – F building control, so long as your not an idiot and follow good video's like this and have some reasonable skill….then do what ya want.

  18. Thanks for the video, please can you tell me if i can connect 2 extra extension cords of 13a on each sockets?

  19. would a 16mm pattress box be ok?

  20. Could you run that into a shed & run a small freezer from it..?

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