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I Made $21,600 – Free Easy Way To Make Money Online!

want to make money online… here is the secret.

this is a simple loophole i have been using since 2011 and it works like crazy, every time i do this it makes money.

download the list here https://www.downloadmynotes.com

you can make money with free pages not needing web hosting or any fancy tech skills… infact this is something you prombably use already… may as well get paid for it right lol

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make sure you always follow the rules, provide good content, and remember that most people trying to make money online make nothing.

remember the results are not typical implied or guaranteed… most people trying to make money online make nothing and some even lose money. always follow all rules and laws and have the right affiliate disclaimers and disclosures.


  1. got any questions about this method? ask here:

  2. This whole video is complete BS, how you can make thousands per month, yet he makes a vid BEGGING you to watch until the end as he is desperate for views, why? cus he DOSE NOT make money doing these methods.

  3. 5:40 yeah there are high CPC's but that list is average rank of 50th. On the plus side, I made a FB page called I love muscle cars and im ranked #4 where #2 is another FB page with the same name. Conclusion: it sounds good but I am woirried about FB taking down my page for outside advertising, and I KNOW MArcus wont comment on this so buyer beware

  4. I ask questions and never get an answer. But your V.A. That monitors your comments always give me a heart ❤. Smh

  5. how do I decided what kind of page I want. If I have too many options I tend to wonder and get nowhere. I am going to make a list of things i like and know about and go from there…brainstorming but i feel like i dont know where to start.

  6. I used to use various techniques back in 2009 blackhat and whitehat ranking hundreds of sites on squidoo, blogger, weebly, facebook etc. Even the whitehat ones got smacked over the last decade but some still do rank. I know a lot of seo peeps will tell you that the free sites/subdomains dont work at all but that isnt really true as you showed above. And if you cant rank for those keywords then accessing those top ranking sites via ads, comments, article submits, videos etc still works just fine. that being said its much harder for them to rank. that seo sandbox that used to be talked about still exists and its gotten harder and longer imo. I even still get traffic from article directories and of all things MYSPACE lmao. There is a blast from the past. Any site is a potential traffic source if you know how to work it.

  7. Hello, why you never say about the cost to used the webs that you recommend .

  8. Marcus, question – what is your opinion on Ahrefs credit limit? No matter which plans you buy Ahrefs does have a credit limit of 500, which you can use up within 10 to 15 days, after that, you need to pay $35 for additional 500 credit every time you used up the limit of 500, which could become costly very quickly.

  9. has Markus ever released a single video that actually shows the precise method that his thumbnail claims? because generally speaking what he's saying isn't wrong, but saying that a car drives by pressing the gas pedal is about as in-depth as he ever gets to explaining the precise mechanics of his methods. i've now watched dozens of his videos and not a single one gives a precise method. i don't blame him, i wouldn't give away anything that actually worked either, but it's amazing how little real information is actually conveyed but also somehow ends up sounding like good advise by the end of the video.

  10. lots of great questions in the comments, but no answers 👎👎

  11. I just don't see this working mainly because you can't put links on Facebook and they do that on purpose

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