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Restoring Original Plaster – how to repair lath and broken plaster

http://www.plastermagic.com Big Wally is at it again! In this how-to video, Rory Brennan shows you how to restore beautiful, original plaster. Step by step, Rory walks through the repair process, from replacing missing lath to laying the final skim coat and restoring that vintage plaster to its original glory.

All the products seen in this video, including the specially formulated plaster patching material, is available for purchase at http://www.plastermagic.com. Want to see more Big Wally repair videos? So do we! Email info@plastermagic.com with your requests and we’ll do our best to turn it into a how-to video. Happy plastering.


  1. this is the best repair video I have watched. Thank you. I have a 108 year old house that has some damage due to water seepage. Now i feel more confident to fix it. Will try to order the plaster/ lath glue. I am in Portugal

  2. Bless you, man! This video is so helpful for me. I am acquiring a 110 yr old house with p & L walls.

  3. I read somewhere that joint compound was bad to put over plaster because it doesn't allow the historic plaster to breathe as it was originally designed to do. Is this not true?

    This video was very helpful! I have a hole exactly like this in my 1890s L&P walls where plumbing was retrofitted in the 20's.

    There is also a section (approx 2' " 3') that has significantly bowed outward where it jas clearly broken away from the lath. Would the adhesive solve this with the anchors or should I break the bowed plaster section out and redo it?


  4. When would you put a pattern and method onto the plaster? In my case the old plaster in the bathroom has a brick / tile look, incised lines.

  5. If you’ve never used an air filter these are great. https://www.youtube.com/post/Ugkx_dppjvjF8BYEmPSDTcgCUdRsgWYLXNHN I ended up with three after starting out with one. The noise level depends on the 1-3 settings with how hard you want the machine to work. You can also upgrade the filters and get one better for pet hair and smells which is a must have in my home. I noticed the air seemed lighter and easier to breathe when running the machine for the first time. Works great every time. Highly recommended!

  6. Watching you repair this was like watching a doctor suturing up a patient. What skills you have and excellent explanations! Don't need to plaster now but less worrisome now and this will come in handy.

  7. You are not ‘pre drilling”, you are drilling pilot holes. The term pre drilling is over used and ridiculous. How do you drill, pre, before you drill? Please stop using that terminology. The person who originated it was an idiot . Don’t be like him.

  8. Synco Confill , the only way !

  9. If this isn't a masterclass in traditional repair to lath and plaster….then it should be. This is thorough and super easy step by step to understand. Thank you!

  10. You forgot bonding primer.

  11. Great job! I learn a lot tks

  12. Any recommendation on connecting a closet system to a plaster wall closet?

  13. Thanks for taking time out of your schedule to make videos to help beginners and diy people like me. U explained everything really well and your instructions were very easy to follow. I have saved so much money because of people like you that post videos showing us step by step to do home repairs. Getting things repaired are very expensive and when you are like me and can't really afford to pay someone to come and do it, but don't want the house looking a mess either. My house was built in 1925 and I was told that the old lady that was here before me didn't realize it was plaster and try to hang a picture up and then get a bad patch job it looks all bubbly. And I had some cracks around the doorway ever since a few years ago when we had an earthquake here in New Jersey which is rare. I just had to have my electric switched over it was still knob & Tubing and it cost me $8,000 🤬 lol. I wish I knew more about electrical work. I still have to have two outlets in the kitchen replace because they said they are 15 amp and are required to be 20 amp. And they want $850 for the one and $650 for the other which is ridiculous I think. And haven't had done since don't have the money now

  14. Hi can I use plaster to smoth my stucco walls?

  15. What's the name of the conditioner what's the name of the special thing I need for the plaster come on man

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