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Gen Z's Loneliness Crisis (and how to fix it)

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Gen Z is the current youngins of our time, me being part of it, and I can say first hand, there’s a serious problem with loneliness and social interaction. Social Media and the other distractions of our time play a big part in this, and dedicated self improvement would most definitely help, but there is more to dig down into, which is what this video serves to do.

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okay now scroll up and look deep into my eyes as you listen (try not to break the nofap streak).



  1. Here's an intresting fact: So, this is more on the relationship aspect of things but here it goes: Dwelling on not having a partner (or just sexual thoughts you have to inhibit) basically drains your will power. We have to remember that will power like a lot of things is a finite resource, and we should use it sparingly so that's good to know. And heck even dwelling on being lonely in general drains us too, so being a "sigma" is not a good strategy, it's just plaiyng life on hard mode for no benefit.

  2. our generation on the internet romanticises mental illness so much to the point it's so normal to be mentally ill, like damn.
    Anyways really good video man keep it up !! 💪💪

  3. The thing is that i am now 16, work everyday on myself and will not start dating until 25 because i need to be a high value men for my future family!

  4. I feel being lonely has been glorified as well, through sigma edits and stuff

  5. Yoo!!, you got that hamza bathrobe . Keep it up bro 💪. Nice video.

  6. Theres no way to fix this itll only get worse its like a volcano waiting to burst and destroy everything in sight

  7. I’m the first one to like 😋

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