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How to 12000 Paidvert BAP Earn Daily

How to 12000 paidverts BAP Daily.If you online daily havvy and very good income way so you can this BAP Games rules. Paidvets BAP Games (Coin Flip Games only. You start games and earn BAP. Please video following and than start.


  1. bhai paidverts se 4 6 groups men ktne daily ke earning hotee hai zra yeh bata den fixed earning tu koi nai haee lken pir bhe app kee khayal men ktnee earning daily hotee hai 5 or 9 groups men atleast bare mehberbani hoge app kee

  2. if i buy ads of $15. it is beneficial. And after buying what value paid ads will i receive

  3. it is risk game nooooooooooooooooooooooooo play

  4. Just got 8 heads in a row. gg 3600 BP. I did the math, and there is a 1/3906.25 chance of that happening. That's 0.0390625% chance. It is guarantied rigged.

  5. wow yar good bohat ache tyt trick hai

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