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How to Fix a Scratchy Fountain Pen Nib

Is your nib scratchy, or does it just have some feedback? Drew illustrates the difference between the two, and covers the basics of scratchy nib repair in this quick and basic troubleshooting walkthrough.


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0:00 Intro & Disclaimer
1:23 Feedback vs Scratchiness
2:00 What causes a scratchy nib?
3:03 Ways to fix a scratchy nib
4:58 Additional repair suggestions

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  1. Everyone in Turkey is sullen. It's nice to see a smiling face. Also, the topic is very important.

  2. I agree. Fantastic visual aid!

  3. As always, thank you for the informative video, and the backing. One of the many reasons why you are my go-to shop for pens. I had a little giggle when I saw the giant pen nib, but at the same time wasn't surprised that you have such a well made prop to illustrate the possible cause of a scratchy nib. Hopefully I won't need to use the information in this video, but it is a good resource to have, just in case.

  4. Hashtag #GiantNIB !! That is really cool. Maybe ya'll could do a video with that to show "baby's bottom" with a visual like that.

  5. How well does that giant nib write??

  6. OMG that giant nib! Props for the prop 😉 and the tips 😉😉 to keep the nibs smooth!

  7. Oh my gosh, I loooove the huge nib to explain tines alignment!

  8. Hi. I have a question. What makes a nib sound like a nail on a chalkboard even if it writes smoothly? Is this a "singing nib"?

  9. Excellent video Drew. Thanks.

  10. Something I've had help occasionally if the misaligned nib has an ebonite feed is heat setting it.

  11. Cleaning your pen is like turning your computer off and on again.

  12. Yes reach out with issues the goulet team is amazing ! Ethan recently helped me figure out and fix an issue ! Great communication upbeat calm attitude and follow up email! Great job with customer care ❤

  13. I love the creative intros, very funny, lots of personality! And I've been having trouble looking in the right place to find a nib technician to help me with some would-be-awesome-if-they-actually-wrote pens, so I really appreciate the links to those on top on the info about scratchy nibs!!

  14. Great explanation and visual aids. I've "studied" Brian's videos on misalignment (etc) and yours (and SBRE Brown's and Matt Armstrong's … ) almost since the beginning. Sketches and hand "models" help, but this new prop is wonderful. Also, I hadn't thought about the possible mismatching of curvatures of the nib and the feed contributing. Well done!

  15. I use a very low grade sandpaper. Write a few lines and the nib is smooth as Airwolf cruising at low altitude over a desert. MB, Sheaffers, Watermans, Parkers. The only ones I haven’t put to the sandpaper are my Pilots. Naturally smooth.

  16. Very helpful, thank you!
    Nice scrollwork on the demo nib.

  17. This is such a great video! Thank you for using props. It makes understanding it so much easier

  18. My Pilot 823 has some serious problems. The barrel on the 823 near the grip section is cracked, which leads to ink leaking out excessively, therefore getting into my hand. Recently, the nib on my Pilot 823 has been scratchy, along with skipping way too much.

  19. A very informative video, Drew! (The visual aids were really helpful.)

  20. Good tips.
    This was my question and it was picked up in pencast episode and a few good solutions were given.
    Keep up the good work 👍🤡🤠

  21. Wow, that giant tipped wet noodle needs to be used in all future videos concerned with nib adjustments!

  22. My husband's pen was scratchy all of a sudden and he had no idea why. I looked through the magnifying lenses and there was bits of paper trapped in it! After a wash it was perfect again. It'll happen again (he's an artist and draws on watercolour paper a lot) but now we know what to do when it does 🙂

  23. Worse nib scenario that I encountered, I left the cap off a vintage FP from the store, and brought it home with a scratchy nib. Had it tuned by a nib meister in the end, now it writes smooth.

  24. Where is the link for a nib gushing ink?

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