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How To Install Odometer Blocker – Audi e-tron 2023 | Mileage Correction Tool

How To Install Odometer Blocker – Audi e-tron 2023 | Mileage Correction Tool
This video shows how to use the Mileage Blocker on Mercedes. This is an extraordinary device that stops the mileage recording process untraceably from all control units of your vehicle.


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You may come across these terms interchangeably, however, they are drastically different modules in terms of lasting effect and purpose. Odometer blocker for Audi e-tron 2023 can be used for testing purposes and freezes kilometers / miles counting from all ECUs. Hence, the information is altered unconditionally and cannot be retrieved by any means even after removing the module. On the contrary, the Odometer Correction tool simply is plugged through the OBD port and solely rolls back the mileage figures on the odometer, but cannot remove it from all the control units.

It is made in Germany from premium-quality components
The satisfaction of our customers is the main priority. Hence, we only produce a Mileage Blocker for Audi e-tron 2023 with premium-quality components. We produce all our devices in Germany and ship throughout the world. Even though you may come across many counterfeits of our module with cheaper prices, they cannot offer the same quality and performance as we do. We only use heat-resistant components to make sure that the heat that is usually generated in vehicles does not affect the performance of our device and consequently, it lasts much longer than our competitors’ modules.
The only Mileage Stopper for Audi e-tron 2023 that comes with a mobile application
Controlling this device is usually possible with certain key combinations on the cars. If you have already used one before you would be already aware of how to activate such a device and how tiresome it may be from time to time. Hence, we came up with an application that connects to our modules and lets you control it fully with this app. Moreover, any function that may be unavailable on the vehicle because of our jammer will be accessible via APP.

Mileage Stopper for Audi e-tron 2023 has a 30-day return policy and unlimited technical support
When it comes to a complex system of cars, you can never be certain how a third-party gadget will fit in your vehicle. Hence, our technicians are always willing to answer any how-to questions. Similarly, our 30-day return policy allows our customers to test the device for compatibility and if they encounter any difficulties, they can return the device and get a refund accordingly. We strive to make online purchases on Super Kilometer Filter 100% risk-free and such post-purchase service is what makes us special. Even though most of our customers never encounter any difficulties with our jammers we will be happy to help you with any question that you may have.

Altered mileage remains untraceable unconditionally
Our Odometer blocker for Audi e-tron 2023 is sometimes referred to as CAN (Controller Area Network) freezer and that is for a reason. Even though the general purpose of such devices has to be halting the mileage recording process from all ECUs, some manufacturers fail to penetrate the Can Bus system entirely and some control units still keep counting the mileage. Even if one unit has stored such information, OBD scanners will be able to retrieve this information. At SKF we make sure that the recording process is stopped from all control. If in the case of different manufacturers, it can be traceable with appropriate tools, we make sure that the modules that we provide make this process 100% untraceable.

The installation is easy and doesn’t take too much time
What is most fascinating about the odometer stopper for Mercedes is the fact that it can be installed easily without much struggle. If you are one of those DIYers, who admires installing new gadgets this is an amazing tool to install. It is a plug-and-play device that is installed behind the dashboard. The time required for installation depends on the difficulty of removing a dashboard that varies from vehicle to vehicle.

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Note: Please be aware that our device can only be used for legal purposes. Our module is only meant for testing and tuning purposes and not for public traffic. Hence, avoid using it illegally.

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