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How to repair copper patina in a copper sink.

New process to repair damaged patina in copper sinks makes it easy to repair and blend in patina damaged during use from harsh cleaning chemicals or other causes that remove the patina and expose bright copper.


  1. Best idea is to avoid copper sink – too many alternatives available copper sinks are a pain in the ass!

  2. I'm still kicking myself for buying a copper sink. Big pain in the ass. Who has time for all this?

  3. where do you purchase the product? I have 2 copper kitchen sink  and one of the the patina is gone. please reply for the manufacture. thxs

  4. Where do you purchase the kit?

  5. Well, the brown/black "patina" actually not dirt, it's one of the many copper oxides, and is much safer than the other oxides or even BARE COPPER… Yeah, great wax… wax scratches/wears off way easier than the brown/black oxide! From a safety perspective which you do bring up, the oxide is safer.

    Also, I assume oxide layers on metallic surfaces are safe discussion within such a crowd that typically WELDS and does other METALWORKING.

  6. @kevykev38 I'm NOT gonna*****

  7. @ElbowMacaroniKP Well ..I have 2 copper sinks in my house . If you know how to clean them and apply a wax that's specially formulated for copper you will be okay. I'm gonna sit around talking about "Patina" to my buddies while working on a hotrod or motorcycle. My sinks look better than a dirty patina and are safe for my family and i. Use the right wax.

  8. @kevykev38 You DO realize that polishing will REMOVE patina. Also the brown/black copper oxide patina is protective and less bioactive than clean and shiny copper or god forbid verdigris

  9. Polish it. I understand the whole patina thing.

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