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How to fix Tesla Door Handles

On a mission to please his wife Car Guru shows you how to fix those faulty tesla door handles.

Thank you to camera man 1: Ev tuning solutions

Door handle repair kit located here


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  1. can you show us how to repair tesla steering assist reduced

  2. so did you get it to work correctly? looks like it is still sticking out.

  3. … the man! … and a sense of humor…. sweet.😁

  4. Could you tell the characteristics of the motor retractable Door Handles? I want to do the same for my Rav4 🙂

  5. I tried to remove grab above the speaker and handle its hard to get it out 😢

  6. What parts do I need your link wasn’t good anymore 😢

  7. My man, you're Barry White in REPAIRS, you're humor is just like Barry's. Keep the speed. Take care!

  8. Ofcourse it's usually the drivers door by far the most used handle but I wonder the statistics

  9. On mine, the micro switch to the right that activates the latch opening was shorted out. Good video; thank you

  10. LOVE how you ignored the hardest part????? The outside top nut??? What's up with that?

  11. I sprayed WD contact cleaner in my handle and got it working again!

  12. I’m just wonder about the last nut that you had to use an opened end wrench on. How did you get it back on?

  13. Uncle Rich your the best! 💪🏾

  14. If you are alone, dismantle the window switch from the doorpanel (t9 screw) for testing of the window clearances and cable routing.

  15. Door handle light, too far in one door. (how to adjust?) Is it possible ?

  16. 2014 Tesla model S door handle different

  17. Hi Rich,
    My Model S 2015 front passenger door handle does not present. Do you know anyone or place in Orlando Fl that can fix it?

  18. Where to but The lock assembly?

  19. “My Hands are now white.” 😂

  20. Whaaaaaaaaaat? You don't need to drill the handle. I've just seen a video of a guy who shows you to unscrew the center torx (biggest one) and it moved the handle inwards so you can get to the screws and then you tighten that torx back up!

  21. AN EASIER WAY! Rich thanks for this and all your videos. I just did failed door #2. There is an easier way than drilling holes to get the microswitch screws out! Mark the big bolt in the middle and turn it out 4 full turns making the screws accessible. Don't forget to put that screw back in the exact number of turns before you put the cover back on.
    The big issue I have had, and is that is not covered in any video, is how to get the connectors to release. You have to be careful of the wires and the connectors need to be examined carefully to see how they work; they don't just pull out, you will damage them. BTW the $55 stainless steel gear Amazon kit is not stainless steel and doesn't fit without some machining. Also, that kit's microswitches are a different size and mess up the adjustments if they work at all. Don't ask how I know, I had to put the original good switches and harness back in.

  22. Incredibly informative, and also hilarious. You really know your stuff. Thanks; great video.

  23. Wonder if these same switches that cause the door to pop ajar when unlocking the vehicle?? About 50% of the time I unlock the door the driver front door pops open an inch or so. Annoying.
    Great video.

  24. Nice video! Just scratching my head if I should give a try… just paid $380 for the famous three beeps issue with the rear truck and yesterday got this exactly the same door handle problem… 2017 tesla model s…

  25. Cover the handle with painter's tape to keep it from scratching…

  26. What it’s not 1980 anymore. My 21 year old Ford has had 0 issues with door handles. Another Tesla Fail.

  27. I've done this repair a couple of times and Tesla did it once i.e. they replaced the whole mech with a new and improved one when it failed under warranty (for some reason it was always the driver's door).
    I've not heard of anyone drilling those holes for better access to the micro switch screws, excellent idea. Thanks.

  28. Thank You! I just finished repairing the passenger side front door on my 2013 model S P85+. Broken wire on the contact switch. Nasty job, especially the nut behind the door glass! Saved about $400

  29. Would you happen to know why the 10amp door fuse keeps blowing? Thanks and great video.

  30. Saved my ass. Kit I bought from ReelDealEv did NOT have a video of drivers door. This video is the ticket. Laughed my ass off when his handed changed color.

  31. MOG! Why not use a cordless drill/driver?!!

  32. and that's why i paid $280 for them to do it 🙁

  33. Hi Rich do you have tried to repair a tesla model x hood aktuator, i have problem with mine and hood just åpen first aktuator and the hood pops up but stays closed on second 🤦🏻‍♂️

  34. 4 hours for me. Got it taken care of. The tiny torx that holds the switches in place for a 2016 is T9. Had to go buy one of those

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