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Solar Panel Broken and Blocking Diodes How To Fix Repair | Missouri Wind and Solar

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  1. Thank you sir for explaining.

  2. 4.29.21

    Jeff Question: I have 2 Canadian Solar CS3U-350PB-AG Bifacial panels. They have what looks like 3 junction boxes on the back in the middle. One of the MC4 wires has been pulled out. Can this be fixed somehow by taking off the cover and solder a wire back on?

  3. is there a type of diode that does not get extremely hot? I need something that stays cool without a heat sink for a project I am doing. Thanks

  4. volts mean very little especially on a broken panel. need to measure amps only

  5. I’ve had a panel with shattered glass and it still operated fine. I coated it w/ urethane and everything worked for AWHILE, L Then after about one year the urethane deteriorated from the UV. My panel didn’t last a yea before various cells failed .

    A panel that size puts out several amps and will produce the voltage to run a small fan but the issue is the amperage. So in the shade, yeah one get 5-10% of the panel’ls AMPERAGE and running that fan in the shade is no great feat.

  6. THanks for the tips , Has anyone tried fixing a cracked panel with automotive clear ??

  7. Excellent video as usual . Really appreciate it.

  8. PMG ando MW&S are the best , i love you guys your wind turbinea are the best of the best, god bless you forever

  9. The question would have been, how many amps did the panel put out? I have 2 panels that give me 20v open circuit each , but 0 amps short circuit

  10. Thanks for talking about diodes.

  11. Gday mate from Australia. Will I need a blocking diode using a 2000 watt inverter on a 150 watt solar blanket?

  12. I bought a new 100 watt solar panel thru Home Depot's website. The charge controller says it's generating no electricity. What is the most likely problem?

  13. I did throw away a glass-shattered panel I got from the UPS man. I did not know you could use them anyway.

  14. This is sad, What a huge waste of time. He takes 30 seconds to explain its showing 20v, WTF am i watching. nonethless good info just takes forever to get the point across.

  15. Jeff – at 7:00 you point out comeerically made PV panels have blocking diodes. Then at 7:20 you say you need one between the PVs and the battery. Were you still speaking about homemade ones? pplease clarify. Thanks for your videos!

  16. Did you get any amps from the damage panel, i only get .5amps but panel is cracked and states 8.36A. Am not getting near or over 1.5 amps, what can i do?

  17. Awesome Information. Thank you

  18. Jeff !

    Im using six12v solar panels and 1 PMA turbine that we bought from you 2 years ago.

    then would you recommend installing Diodes in the lines of the solar panels ???

    what would the values of the diodes will be ?

    Thanks !

  19. Hello,thanks for the video,quick question my solar panel doesn't read nothing on the short circuit current test,but it does on the voltage,can I fix the solar panel to put out short circuit current?

  20. Very nice information giving here!
    It's me,
    Sule Shangodoyin.

  21. Love the viedos, a company wants me to pay them for 20 years to install 24 pannels on my roof, with warranty. I think thats way too much. What are your thoughts.

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