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How To Install Ring Pro 2 Doorbell

Ring Pro 2: https://amzn.to/3fVwHxh
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In this video we teach you how to install the Ring Pro 2 Doorbell. The Ring Pro 2 Launched in the spring of 2021 and is the latest and most advanced iteration in the Ring Doorbell line up. It has 1536 HD video, advanced motion detection and a 3D motion detection feature combined with a birds eye view of your yard. 

One of the most interesting features of the Ring Pro 2 Doorbell is that it has a wide angle lense that allows you to see people from head to toe even when they are standing next to the doorbell. 

The Ring Pro 2 Doorbell requires 16V to 24VAC for operation. 

(VIDEO) How To Test Doorbell Voltage: https://youtu.be/6doRKZkU3xg

Ring Pro 2 Installation:
1. Turn off power to existing doorbell at the circuit breaker. Confirm that the power is off. 
2. Remove your existing doorbell.
3. Wire the new Ring Pro 2 doorbell in place.
4. Secure the Ring Pro 2 Video Doorbell to the wall or door frame with the provided screws.
5. Open the existing doorbell chime and install the chime power adapter.
6. Reinstall the chime cover.
7. Turn the power back on to the circuit breaker.
8. Open the Ring app click on set up a device and then scan the code located on the packing or the Ring device to set up the Ring Pro 2 Doorbell.
9. Follow the in app instructions for setting up the Ring Pro 2 Doorbell.

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  1. Fantastic! Great video!!! Thank you!

  2. My doorbell had power but couldn't connect to my internet. The suggestion was the router was too far away from the doorbell although it's only about 25 feet. Also the original wired doorbell chime didn't work. Is this related to the failure of the doorbell to connect to the internet?

  3. You should install that ring power “adapter” first and then the doorbell.
    That protects the doorbell from voltage spikes. Otherwise you risk damaging your ring camera before you even get it installed.

  4. Thank you. The instructions with all these Ring products are pretty lame. I installed the whole house security system and decided to add the doorbell even though I have a front of house free-standing camera. This video made it so much easier to install.

  5. If you have a prime chime doorbell you don’t have to use the power kit and all that with the Ring or worry about having the right transformer. Makes everything way easier.

  6. At 6:37 it shows an address, I just want to make sure it gets blurred if that is your address

  7. You don't need to install the frame support for the camera?
    Other videos show 2 components getting bolted to the door

  8. Attaching the doorbell to the mount is a little difficult but once it locks into place it seems extremely sturdy. https://www.youtube.com/post/UgkxxHZwMa8CsRjYhf9s4W8w0Dwm47uytWOp I replaced my regular doorbell with this and hard wired it in, using my existing wires and mechanical chime. It works perfect so far and integrates perfectly with my blink camera system. It also works seamlessly with Alexa

  9. This video is much better than the paper instructions! Thank you so much!

  10. After installing the power kit, the Ring Pro 2 works but the health says the voltage is poor. I measured 9.8v at the doorbell. If the powerpack is working, should I be measuring around 16v at the doorbell? Thanks.

  11. I hooked up the ring doorbell, and turned the power back on. I heard the doorbell speak. Then, I had to turn the power back off because I forgot to install the power adapter. I did that, and now I have no power to doorbell and none in the lines that go to the chime. Did I just fry everything?

  12. I see on your video to check transformer voltage, you show yours is 11.48 (looks like the exact door and doorbell). Then this video you state that your transformer is sufficient for the 16-24 requirement for the ring pro 2. Did you upgrade the transformer or are you using the 11.48 transformer for this pro 2?

  13. Does this disable your house original chime? When connected?

  14. WHY didnu SPEED UP the wiring part? Omg thats the most important part. Does it mayter which wire goes where?

  15. what does the power adapter do ?

  16. i have never had such a clear tutorial as these. Thank you. Really precise and so easy too follow step by step.

  17. Does the chime power adapter comes with the Pro 2?

  18. ^ Do you have to install the power adaptor? I have an OG Ring, that we never used a power adaptor. We installed the ring replacing our old ring but it says transformer voltage poor and power input 3.

  19. Excellent instructions, very clear voice. thank you for the assistants

  20. Ha! We have the same Doorbell Chime unit! Hmm,…I imagine millions of others has the same unit! LOL!

  21. Can i ask for working with existing chime for the Pro2 if it sounds your existing chime in the house when the buttons pressed on the Ring. I keep seeing yes and no on google, so im unsure if need to buy a chime or if the doorbell will sound in house as normal before installation. Thanks

  22. Stupid Ring , the most annoying bell ring

    I would not approve of being filmed by a neighbours door cam .

    Any way I only use hard wired cameras as thieves use Wi-Fi jamming devices and rob these Ringo houses.

    1st of all Jam the Wi-Fi with £45 pound Wi-Fi jammer

    Cover face just in case

    Knock on door

    break in


  23. does the blue light turns on when motion detection or darkness? or only when pressed?

  24. Thank you for the video. Was able to install myself bcuz of your detailed video.

  25. Very helpful. Thanks for sharing.

  26. Great video! Thanks very much!

  27. Why do you have to add a power adapter?…there is already power right?..

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