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How to Fix Voicemeeter Audio Issues Revisited

In this video, Chad explains more ways on how to fix audio issues with Voicemeeter such as crackling, popping, distortion, etc.

Link to the first video that includes other Voicemeeter fixes!

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  1. I can not get mine to work at all

  2. Can someone help me, so I have voice meeter and recently when I've switched form wdm to mme it's been completely breaking my audio my mic partially I'm having probably the weirdest audio issue with it I don't know what's happening cuz at some point I literally didn't even change a single setting and all I do is open it up and it just completely broke my game audio

  3. I can't get video games to have propper sound when output to my headphones. Like, my voice sounds fine, sounds amazing, and in both ears, but the video game audio like footsteps appear backwards. If the footsteps are behind me, the person is in front of me, and if the sound is in front of me, they are behind me lol. How do i flip it back?

  4. i had an issue with audio cutting out. it happened when i unplugged my yeti. switching to my headset mic until i can plug it in again seemed to work

  5. It turned all of my audio completely off and I've tried everything

  6. Dude just said to get a better PC

  7. at random my whole computers sound turns to a super loud static noise and i have absolutely no idea what causes it but when i restart my audio engine within voicemeter it fixes

  8. im having a issue where no matter what my settings are set too my mic DOES NOT CHANGE anything,

  9. I have a workstation that can power 32 channel with 400 plus plugins and 30 plus input out outs and can tell you while ram and CPU can affect the problem that 9/10 times you’ve got a bad audio driver path somewhere causing the issue. For this reason I paid for high quality virtual cables and ASIO bridge. Free is something that should remind us all we get what we pay for. That said voice meter is an amazing product that is not for the occasional user and if you’re using it for streaming and other events you’ve probably built a computer and purchased the proper cable setups. Even then issues can still happen because that’s the nature of audio.

  10. my vaio is aoo hz and idk y

  11. no i just wanna stop it from letting my friends hear the music i'm playing

  12. quick fix: bUy SoMe MoRe RaM

  13. My problem is only having voicemeeter input and no aux input

  14. I have 32gb of ram and 8 cores/16 threads so system specs are not the issue. The rest of your fixes are only "might" and "may be" followed up with "but I don't know" constantly.

  15. When the only new suggestions are "upgrade your hardware" and you literally have 128GB RAM but still have these issues….

  16. When I'm playing the game valorant there is no sound. How do I fix it

  17. Follow the tutorial or leave. Not to be mean or anything!
    NVM this guy telling people to get ram! I did watch the whole thing!

  18. my mic was cutting in and out and I switch everything from wdm to mme and it fixed it

  19. I had a problem where I can only hear my voice
    I downloaded this to redirect audio from my VR headset to my headphones, and all I can hear is my voice (if i have A1 enabled on the voice settings). I don't know how to fix this..
    I found something weird with it though, the mute buttons under it are flashing red.

    EDIT: Both my audio worked and my mute button stopped flashing when i clicked "solo"

  20. im still hearing my own voice with A1 turned off

  21. i tried to bput my buffer up but it is at 2048 right now and it still crackles a little

  22. I keep hearing my voice in real time. I'm supposed to find the 'Microphone Property Dialog', but I don't know where that is.

  23. this video was useless….. Upgrade your RAM?!!! FFS

  24. I’m having an issue, I don’t get any audio everything is just silent, any idea what’s goin on?

  25. I hate so much Voicemeeter!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. I have everything accurate for me I believe, yet I'm still experiencing no sounds at all

  27. I know this video is old but I cannot find a fix. I recently removed voicemeter from my computer and now when I play Apex Legends the audio sounds very muffled and it only started doing this after I removed voice meter. I’ve tried everything and cannot figure out what is causing it

  28. hi! in the sound settings the voicemeeter input is working but i cant here it in my headset. can u help me pls

  29. dolby atmos for headphones on the a1 output audio device is what really messed banana up for me ~ took days to figure it out

  30. I had an issue where after setting the default audio input to voicemeter in windows settings, it did not pick up any sound

  31. im getting an audio render error for youtube so i cant hear this but now it works with voicemeeter offf

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