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How To FIX A Chipped Tooth (Broken Tooth Repair Options)

Let’s talk about what to do if you chip a tooth! Also – what if the chip is a full out broken tooth?! WHAT IF MOST OF YOUR TOOTH FALLS OUT? Let’s talk about what to do in a dental emergency!

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@00:00 – start
@00:22 – how bad is the chipped tooth?
@01:38 – broken tooth emergency tips
@03:44 – what if your tooth is loose?!
@04:15 – what if the tooth keeps bleeding?
@05:00 – how dentists fix your teeth

***This video does not provide medical advice and is intended for informational purposes only. Always seek the advice of your dentist or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition. Never disregard professional medical advice or delay in seeking it because of something you have heard or seen on social media.***

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  2. आप हिन्दी में क्यों नहीं बोल ते 😡😡😡

  3. My issue is the first one, super tiny chip, unnoticeable, not really painful, but super annoying. You worded my own problem better than I could. You majorly calmed down my anxiety by addressing it as a normal issue. Thanks.

  4. Beautiful lady but all I got out of this was go see you dentist.

  5. is bonding permanent or is there any way to make your teeth not fall out again after a certain period of time

  6. Hey how can i regrow my teeth that is half from the lower place one my teeth is okay and one is half broken now it is small gap between them what should i do

  7. I got drunk and fucking cracked my front tooth on the side of the pool. Not my best day

  8. I broke my two central incisor teeth because my dumbass 8 year old self thought going downhill on a scooter was a good idea. Every 5 to 6 years the bonding breaks when you eat something which is a pain

  9. So all advice is to call your dentist ? Super duper helpful.😂

  10. I have three broken front teeth between dental bridge and dental bonding which may you recommend me

  11. What if it’s been 10 days since I chipped my tooth? I still have the broken-off piece.

  12. Thank u so much my tooth broke today and I was in pain but u make my day better

  13. How much money i have to spent?

  14. sadly i never ever thought to saabe the tooth fragments….😢

  15. WOW!! I had no idea that you could potentially put a tooth back in and save it if you completely knocked it out. My mind is blown!

  16. damn im that kind of guy who is scared to go to dentist everytime something happen :c

  17. I got really intoxicated recently, went outside in the middle of the road at midnight. I started spinning, then i started spinning EVEN FASTER, I was full speed when I finally came to the conclusion that what I was doing was a very BIG mistake. I ABRUPTLY stopped. At full momentum I landed buck teeth first into the pavement. I didn’t feel any pain but looking at my teeth on the ground hurt so much. It’s just discomforting trying to eat and obviously sudden temp changes. My nerves are showing but I have to wait a week to get examined. Hopefully I can have my handsome smile again. For the meantime I’m trying to make the best out of this broken face look😂 I think my hands broken to so if that helps with the mysterious crazy look I’m trying to pull off that you guys know is not actually so mysterious crazy or cool and more actually sad and pathetic. Learn from me. Don’t drink and spin. It’s my birthday month too but I should be thankful it didn’t end up being worse.

  18. I chipped my front tooth crown and the patching the dentist did kept falling in a few days. What could be the problem and what is my best opinion. I am afraid to get the whole crown replaced as they made the teeth really thin to place this crown on and it might break

  19. I was going back to my dorm from school as a 4th or 5th grader would. There was a big stair connecting two ramps. It almost reached my knees. I was talking to a teacher and missed the stair and fell on my teeth (of course my knee was hurt). Idk if I should get any filling. It's expensive and I just wanna accept my chipped tooth.

  20. Moral of the story……u have a chipped tooth……go to the dentist…..if u have an issue with a tooth……Go To the dentist……….u know what without this info I would be just lost……😅😂😂😂😂😂

  21. I'm tooo late in attaching the broken tooth. And I saved it but not in salt water. My lip was cut and next day I was travelling so it's been a long time😢

  22. Can a broken tooth whose pieces weren't retrieved fixable?

  23. Hi I don't have the part of my chipped tooth anymore

  24. Atleast I know what to expect now. I am really embarrassed I chipped my tooth the other night biting my nails. It just came out it’s a small part but it’s my front tooth so it’s irritating my tongue a lot. Hopefully the dentist can fit me in soon they didn’t have availability 😢

  25. Hi my son 9 year old he fell down and his teeth is broken

  26. My dentist is causing more problems than if I left my teeth alone.

  27. When I want to have an appointment to a dentist but my mom just ignore it because we don't have enough money🤧😭

  28. So this video never teaches how to fix it but just go to the dentist asap ,pretty much what we already know .

  29. I was hoping their was no mention of dentist cuz i already new that! Im looking for something i dont know.

  30. Thanks madam, I might be able to get back my unspoken rizz now.

  31. Wow you don't say common sense goes a long way

  32. Thanks for the video. For small but sharp chips on a front tooth is it more advisable to let it smooth naturally eventually or for the dentist to drill it smooth

  33. TLDR : Call your dentist!

  34. A small part of my molar chipped off when I was eating popcorn and this part does not hurt me and does not scratch my tongue and I eat on this molar normally and I do not have any problem. Do I have to fill it with dental fillings or i can leave it without a filling?

  35. My daughter checked her tooth. Got a feeling for her tooth. 3 months later . Her tooth was very sore. Is that normal.

  36. I immediately put my broken tooth up my butt, however when I got to the dentist they took issue with it. Just wanted to share my experience, help others out there to not make the same mistake.

  37. A big chunk of my tooth broke off from inside of my mouth and and I have no idea why or when it happened and now I don't know what to do

  38. My doctor suggested that my daughter should be above 12

  39. My friend jumped on my back and I didn't know and I fell on the sidewalk and 😭

  40. Had a few fillings in most of them I also Grind my teeth at night was flossing my teeth this afternoon right as we got back from the grocery because I had a snack out Pops a little piece of what I thought was peanut shell or popcorn shop but turns out it was my tooth chip can’t go to the dentist until August 18 what do I do it’s not chipped is broken

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