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How to Install Winch on Redcat COE Hauler

This truck looks soo good, that it really needs a WORKING WINCH!
I picked up a dual-motor winch from Yeah Racing that looks great installed on the truck – and show you how I did it!

Purchase the winch here: https://bit.ly/3MPvIyg
You will also need blue thread locker: https://amzn.to/47jawJm

Video timeline:
0:00 Winch
0:32 Install
4:41 Finished
4:58 Test

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  1. great for it to get a winch mate top job didnt look too easy
    👍thumbs up👍Au💯always a full view👀

  2. I am so inspired by this RTR…my first scratch 1/10 is going to be a Cab over Hauler as well…that or convert some of my old 1/24 to RC… HAHAHAHA

  3. Don't forget to unwind the winch all the way and respol it with tenchin so that the wire is trained and less likely to puff up and unwind all of it at once

  4. Great addition to the coe,makes it so realistic, you have it all coming together nicely, be waiting for more mods,see you on the next one

  5. That turned out great! very cool mod brother, Troy could you tell me the brand of tool that you used like your 2mm bit, I need a set of these

  6. That's an awesome mod. I need a winch like that for my wpl b36-3

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