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How to Install an Outdoor GFCI Electrical Outlet | The Home Depot

Walk through a professional installation, step-by-step, of an outdoor GFCI outlet in this short video. Learn what to expect and the tools needed to tackle your own installation.

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How to Install an Outdoor GFCI Electrical Outlet | The Home Depot


  1. Whats the best way to insulate and stop air leaks from an outdoor electrical outlet?

  2. use an outlet electrical tester anytime working on outlets it makes sure you have correct polarity and proper grounding of the wiring, most testers come with a button to test GFI operation as well.

  3. Do I mount the blue outlet box on the siding like they did or on the house under the siding ? Does it matter? I’m using a cover like these they installed

  4. Is the pigtail for tamper resistance??

  5. What is he mounting the box to? Is it just through the sheetrock or did he mount it to a stud?

  6. Would be nice if you listed the materials used. Great video though

  7. Why can't I find any gfi's that are clearly rated for outdoor use in Canada? Are we supposed to use this junk for one year then throw them away when the don't work anymore. Depending on the box to make these things weatherproof is not proper.

  8. By code, you are required to have at least 6” of conductor sticking out of an electrical box. I would never cut my wires any less.

  9. if the receptacle has an eclosure its doesnt have to be weather resistant?

  10. Perfect. Excellent. Clear, concise, and complete. Thank you!

  11. You should be using a weather-resistant gfci if it’s outdoors as well.

  12. It's it 6 inches of wire slack according to NEC code?

  13. This is the first how-to electrical video that I have watched where the comment section hasn't been pelted by the internet expert crowd on how this guy's house is going to burn to the ground.

  14. Does it need something like silicone sealant, or is that rubber on the cover enough?

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