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New Game Boy Emulator, Paper Mario Decompiled, Nintendo Switch on Android and more…

Hey all! In this video we go over the latest and greatest news in technology, gaming, open source and emulation!

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0:00 Iron Boy brand new GB Emulator
1:22 Citra MMJ on Android
2:02 Skyline revamped Controls
3:02 CEMU Graphics Packs
3:34 Paper Mario Decompiled
4:11 Sony buys Firewalk Studios
5:02 Xenia Canary
5:35 New System76 Laptops
6:03 Seagate fined $300 Million
7:21 Gary Bowser and Nintendo
8:29 YTMP3 issues DMCA to Google
8:56 Street Fighter 6 Free Demo


Nintendo ‘Hacker’ Gary Bowser Released From Federal Prison

YouTube Ripper Sends Cease and Desist to Google, Hoping to Stop DMCA Abuse



Originally posted 2023-11-19 07:09:16.


  1. A longer video than usual because we missed yesterday! I'm feeling better than yesterday 🙂

    Shoutouts to Dylan Strine, SRC267 and Renpy Gamers for the news tips!

  2. Sup everyone! IronBoy dev here, just letting you know MBC2 + MBC5 support was just added. Haven't done extensive testing but Kirby's Pinball and Pokémon Yellow both appear to work as expected!

  3. I absolutely LOVE Paper Mario 64 growing up as a kid (emulating it on Project 64). I would love to see people using the decompiled codes and remake the game to look like the beautiful visual style of 'Origami King'.

  4. Dang I was so confused. It wasn't about DOUG Bowser. That would have made some serious headlines. 😅

  5. When it comes to Skyline, at times, I do wanna call them 'Scamline' instead. 😆 Fools and their money are soon parted. 😏

  6. no kirby pinball is a dealbreaker tbh

  7. I luckily got to play the Street Fighter 6 betas and I really like the game. Can't wait to play more.

  8. I got citra mmj for Android. My Pokemon keep showing up blue from time to time in Pokemon X. How do I fix this? Thanks BTW, Mr. Sujano, get well soon!

  9. A world where a hacker will be paying Nintendo corporation all his life, effectively become an indentured slave and left with nothing but life of destitution.

    Meanwhile, you have have murderer's and rapists that aren't fined as much, and probably get sympathy rehabilitation programmes and college degrees whilst they are in jail.

    I wished Nintendo were heavily fined for their obscene practices and price gauging.

  10. Making a new gb emu. Duh thought it's down cycle accurate by multiple projects at this point.

  11. Wishing you a speedy recovery. Thank you for always keeping us updated on the emulation scene

  12. Thanks for pushing through to bring us the news! I hope you get better soon 😊

  13. Mario: "So long, Ga(r)y Bowser!"

  14. You hope you are getting better

  15. Sony buys another studio and of course no one said anything bad about that but if Nintendo or Microsoft did it they would lose their minds and complain about it for months.

  16. Gameboy emu is always the to go for anyone that starting learning about emu developing.

  17. welcome back! praying for your health, get better soon!

  18. Ooooo😮 Sony is moving
    This is why I love tactical games 😅

    Also, yes! Now we can have a Paper Mario port on ps vita? Plz? just like Mario 64

  19. Hope you feel better soon, love the videos.

  20. Thanks for the shoutout! And I appreciate you covering our project accurately. 😁

  21. What did Seagate do to get sued?

  22. Spicy stuff today 🔥

  23. Again with the hottest information🔥thanks for the awesome share👍🏾

  24. I'm interested in Street Fighter 6!

  25. I'm really interested in one of those webbased emulators packaged inside a Docker container or something to deploy it easily on my NAS.
    Also that Paper Mario decompilation project interests me as well as the MegaMan Legends one you mentioned few days ago.
    Hope to hear more in that regard in future videos, especially since the Paper Mario one will also cover the PAL version which I happen to have in my collection and therefore easily dump it.

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