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VW Volkswagen Skoda Seat Broken Key HOW TO Fix Snapped Blade

This video has been a long time coming! We promised it over a year ago. This will show you how to repair broken VW, Seat and Skoda keys that break. The blade holder snaps and the key falls out.

You can buy everything you need by clicking the links below

To buy a new 2 button repair kit from Amazon click here https://amzn.to/36R6WIk
Or, you can order direct from our website by clicking the following link https://thecarkeyman.co.uk/product/volkswagen-style-2-button-key-shell-repair-kit-to-suit-2010-onwards/

To buy a 3 button case click here https://amzn.to/2IQzN7x
Or, you can order direct from our website by clicking the following link https://thecarkeyman.co.uk/product/vw-seat-skoda-style-3-button-key-shell-repair-case/

To buy the key opening pliers click here https://amzn.to/2ZvvSzl
To buy a new key battery click here https://amzn.to/2LF0HOB

This needs a new case and you need to be very careful when you break open an old VW, Seat or Skoda broken key. If you have any questions please ask in the comments below.

Thanks for watching

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  1. My key is not broken but came apart after the pin that holds the key to the fob came out. Can I get that one pin somewhere?

  2. Its so funny that we have the same fucking key

  3. Where do you take the new key to get cut to match old if you can’t file down

  4. It worked for me. Thanks.

    Went to timpsons who told me they would charge me £15 to cut the key part. With no guarantee it would work and no replacement. But gladly it did work.

    When i confirmed the key worked. Popped the fob out just like shown here. No problems.

  5. Thanks for this video. Ordered a replacement key body from you and just rebuilt my key. used a combination of a belt/disc sander and a file to shorten the key blade and didn't have to file a new groove. Works brilliantly. Only bit of info i would add is to make sure you wind the blade holder round so that you tension the spring enough so it pops out like the original. Test it before you tap in the locking rod.

  6. This is the best! I actually used the old case with the knowledge of this. Thank you.

  7. Excellent. Just changed out my polo key. Thanks.

  8. Thank you, my blade holder snapped and I was quoted £160 for a new key. Bought a case and pliers off a well known internet retailer for £13 and spent 45 minutes to swap over the original key blade into the new case. Used a sharpening stone to file a tiny bit off the blade so it fitted the new case. This video was invaluable in saving me time and money.

  9. Best protocol on YT for this issue. Shown by a professional. Thanks mate!

  10. Hi am going to fix my friends 2007 Jetta wolfsburg. 1 question. Where is the immobilizer chip? Is it on the circuit board? If I get the key cut with the kit and just swap the circuit board it will work?

  11. I bought a new housing for my key but of course the blade doesn't fit. Can I go to a regular locksmith and habe the new blade cut or does a dealership need to do it? I was by VW and they said I need a whole new key and they won't cut the blade that came with the new housing.

  12. Will the car start If the keys dissembled from the fob?

  13. Thank you very much for this very helpful video. This worked like a charm on my 2013 VW Passat key! I saved all my bother and got my key cut, and it was easy to switch. I managed to use a pair of regular needle nose pliers (didn't have those spreaders) and just pulled it apart. Took a little muscle, but I did manage to break it open without damaging the brains. Brain transplant was easy, and boom…or should I say, Bob's your uncle. Many thanks!

  14. Same problem here in India…I am facing with broken key….It seams hard to fix so I went to a key maker…
    He took 6$ for shell and 3$ to repalce it….job done in 10 minutes…I paid 900Rs.

  15. Excellent step by step instructions, pointed out all key points and precautions, definitely my life 🛟.

  16. What if I do all this and the dashboard says “no key” when I go to start it?

  17. I’m trying to get the pin out with a 1.5 punch. It seems like like I can’t push it out any further.. any tips?

  18. Unfortunately, before I found your video, I was following another video on utube.
    On the other video, the instruction was to knock the pin through I don't think I knocked the pin all the way through but am not going to know for certain until I receive my new case and try to start the car.
    If by chance I've damaged the circuit board, what are my options?
    Warm regards James Price

  19. That's EXACTLY how I'm using my car key!

  20. Amazing video, very detailed and pedagocical. Just swapped for my VW Up. 👍

  21. I have one transponder key and was so skeptical about doing this myself. I must have watched your video 10 times and finally after getting my new shell and key cut, I went ahead and followed your instructions and it worked !!! Thank you for the detailed instructions!!

  22. Hi.,thanks for the helpful video
    Replacement key fob ordered from you guys. Cheers 👍

  23. I have been using my broken key by just inserting the key and then the old remote in it, is it possible that I bent my key or something? I can’t even get the switch on anymore? Help. 😭

  24. What is the little pin called that you knock out at the end. Mine flew out when I click the key button

  25. There is a better way to take out those two pins.I drilled a small hole and then used a flat thin screw driver and push them out.Its better than breaking the pin holder.This way the key remains intact.I cannot post a picture here but you can DM me an i will email you the better workaround. 🙂

  26. Thanks man! You saved my ass!

  27. Hi, Great video. Can you tell me the size of the punch you used to get the pin out of the key? Thanks

  28. 5 mins of filing with me leatherman and the old key fit no problem

  29. VW suckers! Toyota key seems brilliant in comparison to this piese of shit!

  30. I bought a new fob with uncut blade, had a locksmith cut the blade, and made a blade swap. Works great

  31. thanks so much for the video what a help it was. It helped me get over my dog dying so i really needed this! hopefully i can afford hot water and a mortgage next year! But at least i know how to fix a car if i can ever afford one. Thanks, Jan 🎉🎉

  32. Forgot to show Skoda badge removal without damaging it and what to stick it on with, excellent video though

  33. That key will never work without a battery….

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