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How to Install Pop Up Sprinklers in Your Lawn

After years of wanting to be able to water the lawn at a press of a button, I have finally installed a Hydrosure rotary pop up watering system into my lawn.

Hydrosure Dual Zone Pop Up Sprinkler Kit: https://www.waterirrigation.co.uk/watering-kits/outdoor-watering/pop-up-sprinkler-kits/hydrosure-automated-dual-zone-pop-up-rotor-lawn-sprinkler-system-with-timer.html ?utm_source=youtube&utm_medium=influencer video&utm_campaign=pd1-proper-diy-pop-up-sprinkler-2022&utm_content=pd1

Clark EBP1100 Pump: https://www.machinemart.co.uk/p/clarke-ebp1100-1-single-stage-electric-booster/

Proper DIY Patreon Page: https://www.patreon.com/properdiy


  1. Very good informative video . . I've got lot of tips from watching what you do . . Thank you . . Cheers from Melbourne . . 🙂

  2. is there a way to automate this.. I see that the use of the pump means you cant control it say when on holiday.. or maybe there is but I'm not sure how it can be done.. interested to know

  3. To do this job you must have a P H D. (POST HOLE DIGGER)

  4. If I had all those tools, I wouldn't need to watch a video!!!

  5. You are the best! Thank you

  6. How was the system over winter?

  7. I’m not sure it counts as diy if you’re using a kit that includes everything you need….

  8. Good idea to include a drain, and also to feed water to the center of the hose line to prevent large pressure differences. One note, some will want to aerate their lawn with spikes. It would be bad to accidentally puncture some of the hoses. Would it be practical to make the trench a little deeper?

  9. Do you really need an pump to have water pressure in order to work

  10. Nice waste of water there mate.

  11. Grass dosen't die, it just goes into drought dormancy

  12. There's really no need for a lawn sprinkler system in the UK – we have plenty of rain all year round – but as always you did a great job installing it and explaining everything.

  13. Did all this years ago, used this system right up until the local governments banned their use in Australia due to drought at the time. My system degraded through lack of use over time, insects entering the line, joiner breaks, it's really not worth my time trying to resurrect the thing. I just use moveable sprinklers now.

  14. I know Im grown bc Im not only watching this but actually enjoying it. 😆

  15. I am Intrigued where the pump was put

  16. Great job on this fair play,seen them when holidays in Spain.
    But what a waste of well needed resourceful water in the uk

  17. This channel is not just informative, it's also super entertaining!

  18. Thats going to be a cracking lawn. 
    Very interesting to watch.

  19. Why 2 runs of 4 sprinklers on each side and not one run down the middle and have the sprinklers spray 360 degrees. Less trenching and less sprinkler heads/ cost.

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