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Flare Finance V2 – How to Earn!

In this video we look at how you can earn a Passive Income using Flare Finance on the Songbird Network. I reveal my personal strategy and which I’m doing to mitigate risk when it comes to utilising Flare X and Flare Loans!

Token Addresses:
DFLR – 0x6f1be01f9cd0c14e38f94e81cb281ecb98cc6a9b
CAND – 0x70Ad7172EF0b131A1428D0c1F66457EB041f2176
FLRX – 0x47C830E141234d029D953dF39B13d7728eB9f2d4

Website links:
FlareX: https://xfx.flr.finance
FlareLoans: https://xfl.flr.finance
FlareFarm: https://xff.flr.finance

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🔥 Flare Network Official Site: https://flare.xyz/


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  1. How do I pull ALL out of FLR Finance. I unsake, then try to exit and it disappears>

  2. Used the above address for DFLR–account show's 0. Why might this be?

  3. How to use spark token when distributed?

  4. Can you still wrap and delegate your songbird and would you need to take them back and forth between Bifrost and Flare to do this ?

  5. I'm hearing that staking WSGB on FlareFarm earns you SFIN but also gives you SGB via the FTSO…but I don't see the SGB FTSO rewards anywhere on FlareFinance, and my BiFrost wallets shows "0" WSGB staked since I delegated them all on FlareFarm – any thoughts? where do we see the SGB FTSO rewards?

  6. It’s liquidation at 150%. Not 110 as I learned Christmas Eve

  7. I'm still waiting for my Spark airdrop from the XRP snapshot back on 12/12/2020

  8. You are FANTASTIC!! Thank you for this straightforward explanation…(Only JUST received some of my SGB)…

  9. Awesome video man. very much appreciated, keep bringing videos like this. Respect

  10. Thank you 🙏 so much, this tutorial is a godsend. This whole Flare Finance thing is quite difficult to wrap one’s mind around for a lay person like me. I hope you will be doing another tutorial when the Flare network launches, although with the help of this video I will have a better idea about choosing and implementing my options.

  11. For three months I was not able to get a response from flare-ultimate customer support. Hugo can you explain?

  12. When it's the airdrop as I never received on binance

  13. So is it high fees it seems like it . Interesting

  14. Ok interesting similar to other defi but slightly unique.

  15. Is this any different using bifrost?

    Will they also have desktop capabilities like metamask?

  16. Woah ! Thats amazing! Would love to have a more in-depth guide on that 🙏

  17. Is it me or is the DFLR RPC numbers not available in the description?

  18. I can see how loading your assets into the FF system might be lucrative in the future. When there are trading pairs between all sorts of F-Assets and lots of applications using FLR, it may be worthwhile. Right now it seems the risk of impermanent loss/liquidations totally outweighs any reward.

    it's also unclear how you claim the rewards from DFLR staking currently.

  19. WHERES my SPARK tokens already.. suppose have been July then maybe August then for sure Septermber give or take a week or 2.. well its NOW almost Decemember and nothing.. Not even making up dates anymore… how could you(flare) be Sooo Far off your times???

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