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How to Fix Automatic Repair Loop and Startup Repair in Windows 10 – 5 WAYS

How to fix Automatic Repair Loop, Startup Repair and Master Boot Record in Windows 10 – 5 WAYS

In this video we’ll look at how you can fix your the automatic repair loop and startup repair issue in Windows 10.

In this video we’re going to take a look at how you can fix your computer when you encounter startup issues that will lead Windows 10 to running the automatic repair tool. When you power on your computer you’ll notice that the Automatic repair process might run for a couple of minutes before landing on the automatic repair screen

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This video will help you fix the automatic repair loop and when you encounter the Startup Repair issue.

Fixes in this video will include –

Startup Repair
System Restore/Recovery Point
Boot Configuration Data (BCD) Fix
Registry Restore + How to enable automatic registry backups

Boot Configuration Data (BCD)


bcdboot C:Windows – initializes the system partition by using BCD files from the C:Windows folder.

/s – BCDBoot copies the boot files to either the system partition, or the partition specified by the /s option.

/f – Specifies the firmware type. When you specify the ALL value, BCDBoot creates both the Boot and the EfiMicrosoftBoot directories, and copies all required boot-environment files for BIOS and UEFI to these directories.

When fixing the Master Boot Record –

bootrec /FixMbr — writes a new boot record of the system partition using the master boot record compatible with Windows. This operation does not overwrite the existing table.

bootrec /Fixboot — This options writes a new boot sector to the system partition. Fixes damaged boot sectors, non-standard boot sectors, and issues caused by the installation of earlier Windows operating systems (pre-Vista). Ignore any error that may come up.

bootrec /RebuildBCD — scan all disks for installations compatible with Windows and allows the user to choose which to add to the configuration store.


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  1. In the restore registry it don’t show none of the system or nothing only says 2 dir 0 files someone help

  2. The last method work for me at first, but it will go back again to start up repair after shutting down until it's not working anymore.

  3. Thank you very much my computer came back with the back up restore method God bless you

  4. Thank you, I will try that.😊😊😊

  5. What should i do when it showing zero afte back to advance again 🙁

  6. What if an individual has forgotten password?

  7. I need help pls my m.2 is full i cant make a back up like in 7:17 is there a way to fix it using usb?

  8. bootrec /fixboot – access is denied????

  9. What i do , when im typing my microsoft account password it showing incorrect even tho i reset it by my phone, please help its just…

  10. Brooooooooo!!!! You have no idea how worried i was …the first command prompt method work like magic on my Dell , wow …no words❤❤

  11. It won't let me system restore I need help

  12. Thank you so much! It really help my ryzen 5 pc!

  13. What do you do when you type bootrec /fixboot and the access is denied?

  14. Thank you so much for your help, my laptop is new and i wake up in the morning finding this problem…

  15. And if my recovery partition already have a letter assign to it?

  16. i love you man !!!you are the best

  17. Help mine gets stuck at "repairing disk errors. This might take over an hour "

  18. Man first I got missing operating system then select proper boot device now I have this all in a row

  19. Thanks a lot, u saved me, 2nd method worked for me

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