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Tommy's Trade Secrets – How to Repair an Internal Door

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  1. I need some help.I have a door that was punched in a little bit and the screws came out of the door as well as the side of the wall that it was attached to. How do I fix that?

  2. This is so helpful thank you! Now to find a video on how to talk to our children so we don't infuriate them so much they punch holes in doors…
    also I need to try to remember not to ask for Shakur filler heehee πŸ˜‰

  3. Great video!! Will this work on LARGE holes too? ('d love to see how to repair drunken idiots who punch holes in doors!) Thanks, I think you've saved me hundreds of $$ in damages to the landlord.

  4. Great DIY video. It's practical to do some repair if it's possible instead of replacing the internal door.

  5. thanks that will do the tricks.Β 

  6. I punched my door because I was angry

  7. Excellent – thank you for this video. I managed to repair an internal door instead of replacing it.

  8. can you please put a link to your website in the description as you always mention the site but here is now link!

  9. Where's Tommy? Did he punch the door because you wouldn't let him be in the video? Seriously, another quality video. Keep them coming, they're the best DIY vids on The Tube.

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