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How to Repair Holes in Metal – Video 1 of 3

In today’s video I will be showing you how to repair a rather large hole in a cast iron gutter. This is the first of three videos on repairing metal.

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I’m currently repairing and renovating the cast iron gutters on my old cottage. Today’s repair is to a badly rusted 90 degree corner section, where the gutter had completely rusted through.

I actually bought a new replacement section from Gutter Supplies http://bit.ly/2ELm6E9 but I couldn’t use it as the collar was too close to the corner section, so I had to resort to plan B – of filling the hole and repairing the corner section of my existing gutter.

I bought some Isopon P38 and Isopon P40. The P40 is a fibre glass reinforced filler and so is great for spanning holes. The P38 is a multi-purpose filler which is typically applied on top of the P40 to fill the minor holes and dents.

With the Isopon P40 applied and set, I sanded it lightly with my Black & Decker power file sander. I then applied a thin coat of P38, and once set, sanded this with a 120 grit sand paper.

I then primed the section of gutter with Bonda Rust Primer, and then applied a top coat of Johnstone’s Stormshield Gloss.

So that’s a large hole fixed. Stay tuned for next week’s video where I’ll be fixing a smaller hole with Milliput epoxy putty, and then finally glueing a section of gutter back together with JB Weld Epoxy adhesive.

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  1. I'm thinking that a piece of metal tape on the opposite side of the repair would make it very easy to slop on a layer of the filler. Once dried, sand the filler, remove the tape and VOILA !! To be extra anal one could then slather another layer on the side where the tape has been removed, dry and sand it smooth and you would have a perfectly shaped repair.

  2. Metal garage door sill repair, here I come! I’ll give the stuff I used for car repairs another try!

  3. Some masking tape behind the hole would have helped! love your videos

  4. Just a quick question I am doing a little body work on my car. Is it essential that I use the p.38 if I am going to use a primer ? Many thanks

  5. Next time use a wire brush on your drill

  6. Perfect…i shall try it at my gate . Never thought there is a fiber glass solution to a metal hole. Thank you

  7. Thanks a lo t, but your French, German, Kiwi, Australian accent really through me off. Kind of gave me a bloody cheek which bled into my Wellington Boots. If the newspaper was page 3 girls your views would go way up in both men and women.

  8. Does fiberglass resin adhere to surface rust?

  9. Use foil tape to block hole and take it off when it's dry

  10. Hi Charlie I don’t know if anyone has asked this because I am relatively new to the channel but would this be suitable for repairing tiny pinholes in a wheelbarrow so I can use it to mix mortar? Like we are not talking of big splits or anything like that but just need the wheelbarrow to not leak when mixing mortar up.

  11. I'm gonna try this on a lawnmower deck that has some holes in it

  12. that gutter turned out great, nice work

  13. Just put a hooe in my barn door. You saved me an ass whooping from a pissed off dad Charlie.😂 thanks man you earned my sub 100 percent

  14. P38. Amazing stuff goes rock hard and sticks to anything. Strong and durable. You have to work very quick though. Love it!

  15. 2:29

    "Mays team plot snap election to save Brexit".

    Bye Teresa.

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