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How to Install Fluidmaster's 7530 Better Than Wax Toilet Seal for a Mess-Free Toilet Installation

Better Than Wax™ Toilet Seals take the mess and hassle out of toilet installation.
– No wax, No mess
– Can be Repositioned
– Plunging Won’t Break Seal
– Fits any flange, any toilet
– No-rust brass bolts & hardware included
– Seals on uneven floors or over tile floors with recessed flanges
– 10-Year Warranty
To watch a short video to learn why you should consider the Fluidmaster 7530 wax free toilet seal, please click here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fFC1Q2X7bcI
If you are looking for a Toilet Installation Kit that includes all the tools you need to replace and install a toilet, please click here: https://youtu.be/7KqVmyetaRE


  1. I have never had a wax seal leak or fail due to plunging. With 5 kids there has been a lot of plunging here? In almost 35 years. Wax rings are cheap and LAST!

  2. Would best!! I don’t have any plumbing experience and I did a pro job.. wonderful problem free🎉🎉

  3. Awesome instructional video. Why can’t every product have this. 😮

  4. This product doesn't work for flanges above the floor.

  5. Had a flange even with the floor an attempted to use the spacer. With the spacer the toilet was so far above the floor I didn't think I could ratchet down enough. Called a plumber friend. He said I should be fine without the spacer. Anyone have an opinion?

  6. Perfect! Got this done with no problem. Thank You!

  7. My flange is like 1/8” below the floor. If I put the spacer on, the toilet rocks. If I don’t use the spacer, I don’t know if it’s a good enough seal to work effectively.

  8. My existing flange was 1/4" below floor, but the instructions said to use the spacer, so I did. It was so high that I was afraid to tighten it down without cracking the bowl, so I left it sit a couple of days, and sat on it a few times to add weight. It eventually compressed almost to the floor, and I was able to tighten it the rest of the way. I'd recommend sitting the spacer in the sun or on top of your water heater first so it will compress more easily.

  9. Why does nothing work the way ots suppose to? My flange is a lil above. So i simply didnt use the spacer put down the toilette and my toilet is not even touching the floor. Ive always been told your flange needs to be flush with the floor. Never above and if its below you can use spacers. Idk what their talking about.

  10. 😂i have the worst luck..i keep breaking
    The lady of the household toilets or part of it…i think this house doesn't like me..lasttime i didn't break anything
    But put the toilet rings all wrong for some odd reason..easy as 123…whats wrong with me? Anyways to i put her top toilet ceramic button top..thing…lol
    The freaking thin chattered 😢😮😮
    I was freaking out..then the fist incident
    I kept the top of the toilet for a reason..i thought i was goig to die today..Anyways i finally got it done thank god…im jus a large individual..she has tiny bathrooms
    Sux…Anyways 😂i didn't give up…i did both bathroom toilets…im not touching her shit again😮😮😮😢😢..she still going to kill me..😂please pray for me

  11. I used mineral odorless spirit (HomeDepot) to completely remove all wax remnants – does a great job! This FluidMaster wax alternative really works – I'm done with wax seals and will replace all my other toilet seals with this product. Thinking of it, wax is really a silly product to use for such a seal that is likely to be disturbed and with damaging results. Mine leaked and even developed mold.

  12. I was surprised when the guy didn't mention getting the remaining water in the bowl out or down the drain before lifting the bowl up. When you turn the bowl upside-down to remove existing wax, the water will be there to surprise you if not noticed and emptied prior.

  13. JUST BUY A WAX RING! I Purchased this and it does not work for flange level with the floor unless you shim the toilet. Waste of damn money.

  14. Just installed this on my toilet. easy to install. it took longer to remove the old wax and rust. Also, BE SURE TO MAKE SURE YOUR FLANGE IS IN GOOD CONDITION!

  15. Love this product!!! Much better than wax if you have an old house where some minor movement is inevitable, the rubber flexes and maintains a seal unlike the wax!

  16. Extra tip, when you use the lid from a 27 gallon storage tote from home depot it really makes a nice Pan to set the toilet into right after you pull it off the sides are only about 1.5" tall

  17. My toilet sat too high without the spacer even. Had to put a rubber hose washers on four points.

  18. What keeps the bolts from spinning when you screw on nuts as what happened in my case

  19. NOT THAT EASY! Just installed toilet with this product. While it may work better than wax, it is not as easy as this video would lead you to believe! Also, the video doesn't mention that additional spacers have to be purchased separately – don't you think that would be good to know??

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