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How to: Repair SEAMS in Clothing | Hand Sewing Tutorial | Mending Sweatpants

This video lesson shows you how to repair ripped seams in clothing by hand. I use a (very badly!) damaged pair of sweatpants for the demo.

Method 1 is backstitch and method 2 is ladder stitch, both of which can be used on knit fabrics. On woven fabrics I would only use the backstitch technique.

I hope this is useful!


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  1. I don’t understand how your thread is on the needle. I learned to sew a button but the way you didn’t tie a knot on your thread has me confused. It’s really frustrating to be as stupid as I am.

  2. Maybe don’t take and do things off camera….

  3. Thank you. Mission accomplished. Joggers live to see another day. ❤

  4. this was so so helpful and clear. Ive watched other videos cause I'm sick of going to the tailor for simple rips but they never made sense. I revisited the challenge with this video and now I can wear one of my fave skirts again! thank you so much!

  5. just fixed a broken seam for the very first time. thank you very much!!

  6. My backstich came out horrible, but it's holding!

  7. Very helpful, thank you!!!

  8. "Life saver, you are" *in my Yoda voice 🤩

  9. Well….I am a skilled tradesman by vocation and so I was going to try to use finish nails or some staples to repair a torn shirt seam, that is until I found your video. I am no good at this kinda of thing but with this video, your exceptional instructions, and clear narration, I will attempt needle and thread. BTW, great accent!!

  10. You're an absolute legend — thank you so much for making this!

  11. Thank you so much! My favorite sweatpants had the sticking at one of the seams come apart and I was really sad thinking I’d have to trash it. But now I think I can fix it. I’ve never known how to sew so we will see how this goes. Thank you!!!

  12. Hello, thanks for the help. I have old cargo pants that are torn from the groin, the seams were worn out. And I appreciate the detail and how you explain each sewing technique. Thanks a bunch. I can definitely say that you help a lot of people.

  13. great video, been ive seen probably a dozen repair stitching videos over the years and yours definitely stands out as the best of them. thank you!

  14. I'm new at this sewing thing. Trying to make some pants lasts a while. I'm a big guy and I get a lot of wear in the inseam area so I used your ladder method to fix them. Hopefully it will last Lol. So I just wanted to say your video was a big help and I learned a better way of stitching up stuff so thank you.

  15. I don’t understand the threading the needle part idk how there is a loop left at the end? Lol I’m clueless

  16. I dont know that Ill ever be able to sew the simplest stitch without your guide. I have returned to your videos an embarrassing number of times. Thank you for taking the time to make them!

  17. Thanks to your excellent video I just mended the seam on the finger of a glove successfully. Cheers!

  18. I've never sewn before and repaired my first seam of a t-shirt today using your video. Thanks!

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