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How to Repair Wood Floor – without Refinishing

Had a 75 year old oak floor with some deep gouges. Did not want to sand and refinish the entire floor, so I did some spot repairs


  1. thank you first time doing anything around the house and i started with the hardwood floors and this is the best video I've watched that isn't as difficult as most i watched. what products did you use please?

  2. Great Video. I will check out this Elmers wood repair. I have a dent in my hardwood floor. Unfortunately its perpendicular to the grain direction and its a smooth dent due to moving a mattress carelessly. Its a long 4 feet shallow smooth dent. Will this 2 part adhere to this kind of smooth shallow dent?

  3. Great job matching the color.👍🏼

  4. Very well done and on point

  5. Hey, thanks for this great video! I have an old parkay floor with spaces between the wood everywhere, and i really fear insects could be hiding in the holes/cracks… Can I use this for that? and do I have to add the white glue to the mix since I was told filler wont work since my floor "moves" thanks again!

  6. 7 years later and your video is still helping people like me. Thanks for the informative video!

  7. Where are you located at?

  8. what if i use oil paint on top of drywall mud? i just have that stuff already and wouldn't need to go buy some more things.

  9. I've used the Elmers wood repair kit for numerous things and it's great! Good video!

  10. Thank you for the video! Quick question though is that putty water proof?

  11. If there is a board around a crack that’s loose and bows slightly when stepping on it, will this method hold it in place, or will it break off again if stepping on the board too hard?

  12. I believe he used a clean stick on the first can and then dunked the previously used stick into the next can …..

  13. This is exactly what I need to fix a big place like this. 2 questions…1) I have a situation where a 1/2 inch strip of old pine flooring has pulled away. Is it better to glue that back and repair, or just remove it and patch as you’ve shown? We’ve tried to glue it before, but finally just put a rug over it! 2) what was in the spray bottle that you used to clean the floor prior to staining? Also, what is the best way to figure out the stain to buy for best match? Thank you!

  14. It's 2022 and this is still the best video I've found on this that I can actually DO! Thank you!

  15. Great job! Now do a test area with water-based polyurethane to make sure it adheres. If so you can get the buffing machine with a brown pad, possibly add some 5-in abrasive discs and 180 grit or higher. Buff the floor, clean the floor with a vacuum and wet towel. Let it dry. If you have any light spots do your stain method again. And apply two coats of finish. The floor won't look brand new sanded and finished. But it will look great and be protected for years to come.

  16. Thank you. Had some damages with painters and this looks doable! What a relief!

  17. Doesn't the cross-contamination cause problems?

  18. Hi Russ, will DAP plastic wood work in this application for gouges that are about 1/4 to 1/2" wide and deep?

  19. Is it really worth all that work for a little chip?

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