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How to Install Roof Shingles

In this video, we cover how to install tar paper, drip edge, starter strip, shingles and ridge cap with step by step discussion.

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  1. Great video. Clear instructions, plenty of details and highlighting techniques like drip edge wrap.

  2. I had roof rot in my Dad's old house that was reroofed in the 90s.
    Seems that issue was due to drip edge being close to facia and water does not drip properly.
    Instead, water sucked up the backside of the drip edge.
    New roof contractor recommended having more space behind drip edge and facia.
    Seems that this video teaches roofers to make drip edge mistake?
    Joh security comes to mind …

  3. Great video and instructional. Can't help but notice none of you guys are wearing safety shoes. Hulk Hogan is in sandles for fuck sakes…

  4. So you make a book, then what? Which side do you start on? What's after the book? Or do we just wing it?

  5. In Italia usiamo le tegole canadesi simili ma le possiamo diversamente sormontano di più resta scoperto un terzo e sfaldiamo le giunte da noi una posa come la vostra non sarebbe accettabile

  6. You guys definitely made this look way too easy. I may have to watch this a few more times.

  7. Good job young fellow yes I did pick up a few good tips

  8. What about using 3 tab shingles…Looks like you are using 6 tabs

  9. Drip edge goes on first on the eave then Underlayment then dripedge goes over underlayment on the rakes didn't even watch anymore to see what else they did wrong

  10. How fat can somebody be before they can’t get on the roof?

  11. Noooo. Lmao. You have to seal shingles after nail. Otherwise wind will have them waving like a ball park game

  12. Hulk hogan is on your team!

  13. I am a homeowner with a day job who does not do anything construction related for a living. That being said I am working on framing out my basement and Bought this https://www.youtube.com/post/UgkxHQsUrwNr5GQrnx9V4xDdUr56qxwuiBHt gun. I have done a few walls already, have probably shot a couple hundred nails through this thing and have yet to have a misfire. It works awesome, good depth on every nail if you have your compressor set right. My literal only complaint is that it is a bit heavy and my arm can get a little tired especially whrn I am nailing at odd angles. That being said I am super happy with it and would buy it again. Hoping the old girl allows me to get my whole basement finished out!

  14. That helped me out so much thank you

  15. i’m hoping this video will help me. i’m going to install my first roof today for work, on a shed. and i’ve never done it before so i figured i would try and find a video on it, seems like you did it very well, good job!

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