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How to Install Windows 11 on your NEW PC! (And how to activate it)

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So you’ve just built your brand new gaming PC… But it needs an operating system. Today I’m going to show you how to install windows 11 on your new PC using a USB flash drive! I’ll also show you how to activate it for cheap, as well as how to set up any new hard drives in disk manager!


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00:00 Intro
00:11 What you’ll need
00:30 Where to download windows 11
00:58 Creating the bootable USB drive
01:31 A word of advice
02:07 Problems with booting explained
02:49 Installing windows 11!
04:05 Install complete!
04:20 Getting windows to recognise your extra storage
04:53 How to activate windows
06:32 Outro

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  1. "keyr.o̲rg"
    Interesting comparison. I upgraded (if that's the right term) from Windows 10 to 11 and had real issues with compatibility and performance. Multi tasking became problematic and of the few games I play, some simply wouldn't work. I quickly re-installed windows 10 and that's where I'll be staying for now. Of course this is only my experience, others may have had a better outcome. That said, I honestly don't know why we even have 11, wasn't 10 supposed to be the last? Its reached a point of maturity where it works reasonably well, too.

  2. I did as you said but i cannot select my drive..its an nvme but says thst cannot be selected…any ideas??

  3. Do I have to unplug a Hargrove so the windows can boot on the flash drive

  4. So how do I do this if my PC doesn't have windows lol. I am just about to built my first PC, so I have no idea

  5. so u basically need 2 PCs to do this.

  6. How did he record the screen while it was installing and what screen recorder was he using on the home screen because it didnt show any tab of a recorder

  7. For some reason my usb with the Windows creation tool is showing up as a boot option but my PC won’t boot it on it’s own even though it is the only boot option, and I can’t/don’t know how to force it to boot from the USB

  8. So I built my own pc but I’m confused so when he says you need access to a laptop or computer and a usb of 8gb minimum when he shows the installation do I install windows onto the usb from another device then once it’s done remove it from that device and install it into my pc. Please help

  9. does it have 1920×1080 resolution

  10. So i want to do a clean installation of windows 11 in my laptop without any bloatware , so can i do same process in my laptop ??

  11. i need to connect to the internet to finish it. how my wifi things are on but it asking for ether net

  12. Idk if you still monitor this video, but I have a pre built PC, and I'm now building a PC, is there anyway to use my Pre builts window 11 with my new PC? I've seen transferring can be messy so I'm trying to figure out what to do lol

  13. The usb isn’t even showing up for me fml Asrock

  14. Really helpful thanks

  15. How do you unplug hard drives from a desktop without taking it apart

  16. Will it wipe the old computer?

  17. I truly appreciate the RuneScape images, I’m playing right now while I’m watching this video lmao.

  18. If i want to save ky data from other drive should click on automatic install?

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