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How To Install Windows 10 From USB (2022)

0:00 Intro
0:10 Prepping the installer
1:39 Start the install via USB

In order to install Windows 10 on a PC via USB, follow these steps. Use a blank USB drive with a capacity of at least 8 gigabytes to host the files.

How To Install Windows 10

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How To Install Windows 10 From USB


  1. This helped me so much getting windows 11 installed on my new ssd! Thank you so much!

  2. I did this but i got an error with my ssd, I fixed it and now its installing windows normalu but when it does the first restart i boot from my ssd and it doesnt boot to anything

  3. You are a goooooood! Thank you 🙂

  4. Finally I got windows from "KEYR .̲o̲r̲g̲"

    I like some of the transitions, but sometimes they're a bit too much and are seemingly random. Since we use these persistent elements that transition across pages to indicate some kind of relationship between the previous and the next states, some of your transitions confuse me because I can't immediately see what the relationship is.

    For example 2:23 of the selectable tiles (which weren't selected) transition into being two switches… does that mean anything? are they related in some way? I see this as random and a bad use of the design language. However, at 1:14 I like the transition from switches to the ticks on a paper, that makes sense to me. Epic presentation tho

  5. My laptop was showing Error 0xc000000f .I'm doing this right now. Will update if it worked or not.

  6. hey so uhhhh we had a power outage for a bit while downloading windows and was selecting the language and time after the collecting info thingy and now it's just a blank screen with this "_" flashing on the top left of the screen

    also idk if its a – or _ but looks about right

  7. Do I need a hard drive? All I have is the usb with boot media

  8. Why dose mines keep making me re install windows everytine it restarts the computer

  9. After restart should I unplug usb??

  10. Very well presented. How do you get around having no product key, in the long term? My computer completely crashed and have had to create this tool.

  11. Mine completely freezes at the blue loading spiral screen after you reset it. Before you set up the features. Never gets past that screen and always freezes.

  12. i did try this and as soon as i got to the part were it chooses the hard drive to install it stopes working. not sure what i done to the hard drive i took videos off it and put the hard drive back in the laptop wont recognize it

  13. Help I did that and it put me back to tha5 screen

  14. The best step by step tutorial so far I found on the internet. No talkshit. Just straight to the point and no long introduction.

  15. it says that win 10 can not be installed in drive 0 partition 1

  16. Please how big is the windows installation file

  17. So with this method we are getting windows for free? Will it ask for a purchase afterwards?

  18. I have a problem when i install the windows and my pc shuts down it just stays like that, it doesnt turn back on

  19. Should I disable "secure boot"?

  20. After my pc tries to install windows, it goes back to the Windows setup startpage like shown at 1:47. How can i fix that?

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