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How to Repair Lace

Don’t cry over the hole in your beautiful lace garment. You can repair it so that it’s as good as new and we’ll show you how.

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  1. Maybe i can use an embroidery hoop with this right

  2. I’m 62 years old and was taught to sew by my mother but I also took Home/Ec in jr high school. They really need to bring that back into the schools. I am not kidding, I had to show an 18 yr old how to sweep n use a dust pan!! God Bless America but quit dumbing down our children!!

  3. My rat decided to take a bite out of my grandmother's hand made lace curtains…

  4. I’ve done this. But I’ve also cut out a flower or leaf from a piece of a scrap of the same lace and appliquéd it on

  5. tysm for this TT i thought i had to throw away a rlly good blouse until i saw this

  6. Thank you for this!! My problem is solved❤️❤️❤️

  7. Thank you for this great video…you rock!

  8. ORRRR, YOU CAN TRIM THE FRAYED THREAD PIN LACE TO CANVAS MAT YOU CAN ENTER LACE THROUGH A SOLID PRINT3D AREA. ONCE YOU ARE IN FROM UNDER LACE NEEDLE AND THREAD ON FRONT OF LACE PATTERN FLIP OVER TO WRONG SIDE AND PUSH NEEDLETHROUGH TO WRONG SIDE NOW NEAR NETTING TEAR. SINGLE STRAND THREAD FINE NEEDLE PICK UP LACE NET LOOP BEFORE TEAR OR RIP AND BRING THAT NEEDLE BACK UNDER THE SAME LOOP NET AND HOLD THE THREAD AS YOU PULL THE THREAD TIGHTER YOU HAVETHAT THREAD UNDER YOUR LEFT THUMB NAIL BECAUSE YOU ARENT MAKING A HEMLINE YOU ARE REPLACING SINGLE STRANDED LACE..SO YOU HAVE YOUR LEFT THUMBNAIL HOLDING THE THREAD FROM PULLING FLAT SO TAKE YOUR THREADED NEEDLE AND PUSH UNDER THE LOOP AND HOLD THAT LOOP BASICALLY CHAIN STITCHING ALONG THE TEAR THEN GO BACK THROUGH TO ATTACH TO SURROUND LACE THAT ISNT TORN KEEPING NETTING ANCHORED ONLY TO UNTORN AND SOLID PATTERNS THEN THROUGH NETTING IN SINGLE CHAIN STITCHES AND THEN BEYOND RIPPED LACE NETTING MAKING SURE YOU ARE not never ever simply suturing the lace together like an appendectomy…its not required to satin stitch so just make the thread pick up one row behind tear and if you know how to tat that would help its tatting but crochet or knitting simply embroidery all can help never give up…some people are born with their talent natural born seamstresses or tatters lace making or embroidery tapestry needlepoint tailoring weaving large ribbon embroidery fabric dying oh there are so many oh quilting and curtain design wallpaper and upholstery design as well as fabric and paint designs. There are people who design each area rug as one of a kind and

  9. Thanks so much for this! Thought my favourite bra was ruined but this saved it 🙌

  10. This is gonna be really usefull as i bought a lace chiffon cape and it had a single hole

  11. This saved my new nightgown I had only worn once. It got caught on my earring as I was taking it off. So glad I was able to get more use out of it. Thank you so much.

  12. What type of thread you use the match the fabric? Where can I get it?

  13. Good job. I’ve altered and mended wedding dresses in my younger life, but never had to deal with tulle on the dress. I’m fixing a 3 rips down the back next to a string of buttons. This has helped, Thank You

  14. Is this the same as fixing mesh? Does anyone know if this would work? I got a beautiful dress from a coworker and it has mesh cut outs but it has 2 small tears in the mesh. I totally feel its salvagable and am planning to just line everything up and fabric glue it back. Any thoughts or tips?

  15. Does anyone know how to fix fine mesh material? I’ve got an expensive gown that I managed to snag and now a small hole I put my nail through on a mesh panel on some lingerie.

  16. I just finished knitting a lace shawl and noticing a hole in near the middle.
    I may never ever again knit with Malibrigo Lace wt yarn.
    I hope this repair works prior to wash and blocking it. Tfs

  17. Woohoo left hander! Thank you for the tutorial!

  18. Why can't we use an invisible thread??

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