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DO THIS To Make Your First ₹10000 as a Student | Ishan Sharma

The importance of making money as a college student cannot be underestimated. It plays a significant role in shaping your personal, academic, and professional development.

Making money while in college allows you to become financially independent to some extent. It gives you the freedom to cover your personal expenses, such as textbooks, stationery, transportation, and leisure activities, without solely relying on your family or loans.

Earning money during college exposes you to potential career paths and industries. You may discover interests and skills you didn’t know you had, helping you make more informed decisions about your future career.

Part-time jobs, internships, or freelance work provide invaluable real-world experience. It allows you to apply what you learn in college to practical situations, enhancing your understanding of your chosen field and making your academic knowledge more relevant.

In this video, I have Saransh Anand with me, my Co-Founder of MarkitUp, and together, we’ll share the 5 REAL ways through which we made money as student and in college!

If you are a complete beginner in the field of making money online, this video will hopefully help you find the way that you were always looking for! So make sure you watch the video till the end!

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3 Books You Should Read
📈Psychology of Money: https://amzn.to/30wx4bW
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  1. Agar maine online 100 bhi kama liya to mera zindagi safal ho jaye

  2. Thankyou sir me abhi 12th me hun aur daily 800 – 1200 kama leta hun ❤❤❤ agar kisi ko seekhna h toh mera no. Dp me h

  3. Thankyou sir me abhi 12th me hun aur daily 800 – 1200 kama leta hun ❤❤❤ agar kisi ko seekhna h toh mera no. Dp me h

  4. hey my name is sahilpreetsinghmaan i am 16 year please help me to earn income mai dad death in heart attack my mom is housewife please help me hmare uper 1lakh rs loan hai please give me id to earn online income

  5. Sir me 18 saal ki hu or daily 800 – 1200 kamati hu thnku ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ agar kisiko seekhna hai no. Dp me h

  6. Bhai ek company hai "FOREVER LIVING PRODUCTS" that company is a scam com they just make you join webinar and tell you they'll provide you job instead of that they sell their products

    Expose them please!!

  7. abey laure tera video bohot din seh dekh raha hai ek rupya nhi banna ajj tak… faltu ka gyan deta ha bc

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  9. Bro I didn't made rs 10,000 but I made $10,000

  10. Bro you are making money by uploading video on how to make money..kuch bhi..stop scamming people bro.. don't give illogical and impractical suggestions.. we are really serious abt our future…

  11. how to earn as a class 11 student bro . can you make an video on that please love and support from tamilnadu .

  12. Bro I'm 18 right now and I tried to earn money online and now also I'm trying to earn but till now I haven't earn even a small amount …
    I tried blogging , Freelancing, video editing, social media ( youtube and instagram) , fb ads and google ads but I failed. Every time the reason was not able to be consistent for more than one or two month.

    So now I want to overcome my all mistakes, I'm really happy that I learned lot's of things. Now I will try to be consistent……..
    I'll be very happy to tell everyone one that time is going to change soon and digital era is almost here, all of you move into if you want to break you mid class chain..

  13. Tu Bharat me rahata hai Hindi bol sale

  14. 00:04 Ways to make money as a college student

    01:39 I started creating memes and got paid for it, and later became a Czech expert.

    03:05 Chemistry and social media management were lucrative ways to make money.

    04:31 Flipkart Big Billion Days and working with brands can be profitable

    06:05 Being a presenter for brands is a lucrative way to make money

    07:20 The demand for graphic designers and video editors in the creator economy is high.

    09:02 Evolve as a designer beyond the basics.

    10:25 The video discusses five ways for college students to make money and pay their own college fees.

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