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How to Repair Damaged Windshield | Permatex Demo – Windshield Restoration Kit

Bullseyes, star damage and chips up to 1 1/4 inches can be repaired in minutes with this state of the art professional repair system. Learn how to easily make permanent airtight repairs to most windshields by watching this step-by-step instruction video.

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  1. This does work and I have had the rapid last through -20 degree winters. Two things … warn people that pressing too hard may further the crack…. Second, if the windshield is curved you should tell users to align the fixture bend lines to the glass curve. In the video you say to keep it pointing upwards but as a result mine detached from the adhesive on the windshield because the fixture was trying to bend even though it was only a mild curve (naturally all the resin came out). To users out there: the fixture has two bend lines on it to help adapt to curves it seems. Use those to help accommodate the shape of the windshield.

  2. Lower most setting = uppermost setting.
    Instructions are clear as mud.

  3. Great video. One question. Wouldn't the lowest point of the seringe be closer to the bottom part of the plunger?

  4. Can I use the permatex directly on glass

  5. In the Permatex kit I just purchased, the syringe doesn't screw on, and the resin container cannot be resealed. Purchased from AutoZone. Is it counterfeit, or are you just being cheap and looking to increase your profit margins? If there's a different kit, you need to ensure that both options are displayed at retail stores. Also, you should offer a kit with two adhesive pieces and enough resin for two repairs. Price it at $29.99 retail.

  6. Good video, directions made easy.

  7. I would recomend to wear vynil gloves. Also, it's dificcult to calculate the 3/4 of resin from the tube, and once you cut it there is no extra cover provided.

  8. Paid $17 for 1 1/4 kit. Got home, it did not have the cleansing wipe or razor blade. I gues if they included it the price would go up 10 cents. I did not have either at home. SO they saved 10 cents and I substituted another cleaner and used a utility knife. What total BS and lack of consideration. Next time I will shop for another brand.

  9. I followed the directions it worked as expected. You can still see the crack somewhat. I will use it again in the future.

  10. anyone try this on a winter day?
    its going to b 40 degrees next week…….. if i drive the car with defrost on to warm it up? maybe let it run off and on to keep the windwhield warm?……… complete the process…… then move it back into the sun(Might b cloudy) can i do this? cause its colder should i allow more time for each step?

  11. Impossible to keep the syringe from popping out. There are no threads. The syringe popped out as soon as I pulled up on it. Thanks for making my windshield worse. Don't buy just go to a professional. They will repair the crack for like 60 bucks. Now I'll have to buy a $300.00 plus windshield. This product is trash.

  12. It works. At the least it should certainly stabilize the chip before it gets out of hand. I'm doing it to all my chipped windshields.

  13. I've used it three times, works great. Some people can't follow instructions, like the genius below who used a lighter on the glass to make it "better". If you don't have patience or can't read, then pay someone who can.

  14. I used this kit a few years ago and it was the same as the video. It isn't any longer. It no longer has the push pin, razor blade, alcohol swab, closable tube or threaded syringe. The clip would not hold when I tried to go to the next step and the syringe popped out losing vacuum. This kit is now junk. Congrats on ruining something that worked well to cut 2 cents off man. costs.

  15. hi.. where I can buy this kit , in the europe countries, but not on amazon ..

  16. You need a pin or a toothpick to coax the resin into the pedestal. It kept getting backed up because there is nowhere for air to escape while filling it.

  17. also got a crack like that on my windshield, what I did was bought https://crackeraser.com/ windshield repair kit and repaired it myself. I was happy with the result, the cracks are not visible now.

  18. Instructions unclear.. my eyelids are now glued shut..

  19. If you haven't used this product YET……DON'T ! The syringe doesn't screw onto the tube, there is no cap for the resin once cut, one mini wipe for before and after cleaning hardly, my tiny 1/4 crack grew in process- 13 dollars wasted.

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